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How To Set Up Your Affiliate Links


Our affiliate program is administered through Commission Junction –- so you will need to go to www.ShareASale.com and enter your login ID and password to ACCESS your account. If you ever forget your login, just click on "login help" on that same page. Once you are inside your publisher administration area, you can view click-thru and commission statistics, get code to add new links to your site, and update your personal information -- just follow the TABS at the top of the page.


Getting started is easy…

1) Log in to ShareASale at www.ShareASale.com

2) Go to the "Get Links" tab on your affiliate admin page, under the "Find/Join Merchants" tab, choose "View and Search Merchant List" and then"Click the type of program you are looking for: and then click ALL PROGRAMS"You will then filter your search by "Bradford LLC dba www.OnlineOrganizing.com."

3) If you are within the United States or Canada, you will automatically be "joined" when you sign up. There is no waiting period "to be approved", you may start earning commissions immediately!

4) You will find many banners and text links, if you do not find one that works for your site, please contact [email protected] with your request and we will try to have your request filled within 48 hours.


Once you are at the "View Links" area, you will find a variety of link OPTIONS -- text links, graphic links, full articles that you can put on your site, even our entire product catalog as a "virtual storefront". And different links go to different sections on our website -- our product catalog, free tips, information about becoming an organizer, newsletters, etc. So it's easier than ever to send visitors to a SPECIFIC page. If you would like a link to a specific product or page and don't see it in the "Get Links" area, let us know and we'll see if we can add it.


Just select the link you want to add to your site and click on Get HTML CODEat the far right for that link. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the appropriate spot on your website. The code will already have your unique publisher/affiliate information embedded in it -– so whenever someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, the system will record the sale in your account. Please do not attempt to CHANGE the size, colors, or layout of the graphic links -– if you need another size or help formatting a link to fit your site, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


Our customers are across the board -- pretty much anyone who needs to get organized! We sell to individuals, families, businesses, schools, and even government agencies. The types of PRODUCTS each might buy are different -- but all have the potential to earn you big COMMISSIONS. For example, a large company is more likely to buy several metal filing cabinets or enough binders and desk organizers for an entire department -- while a family that is organizing the whole house might purchase several thousand dollars worth of closet systems. And many of our customers order dozens of small items (books, tapes, racks, software, and miscellaneous home/office organizers) at once, creating an order worth a couple hundred dollars.


Not only are Professional Organizers great customers for our organizing products (for both themselves and their clients), but we also sell a number of products that are geared more toward helping Organizers succeed in BUSINESS. If you are part of the organizing community, you can let organizers know about the many start-up manuals, marketing guides, mentoring programs, and promotional products we offer. You might include a link on your site encouraging organizers to join our REFERRAL network (at www.OnlineOrganizing.Com Referal Network) -- you earn a commission on their registration fees. You can also link to our OnlineOrganizing Academy TRAINING PROGRAM (at http://www.onlineorganizing.com/BecomeAnOrganizer.asp?content=C11EnrollInTraining) for new organizers -- a full training lesson sells for $499, so that's a nice high-commission item.


We offer a number of ways for business to ADVERTISE with www.OnlineOrganizing.com (at http://www.onlineorganizing.com/Advertise.asp?content=C09SponsorOptions) -- and these purchases can also earn you a commission. Just send any potential advertisers to our site through your affiliate link, and when they check out, your account will be credited for the commission.


As a recognized leader in the industry, we've also developed a strong organizing COMMUNITY that loyal visitors return to for help -- with discussion boards, blogs, live advice, newsletters, and free tips. If you're looking for a way to provide additional VALUE to your visitors, you can link to these different sections as well. And don't worry, each of these content pages offers suggestions of organizing products that relate to that topic -- so you still have plenty of chances for a sale!


The key to a successful website is CONTENT -- that's what increases your search engine rankings and keep visitors coming back for more! We can provide you with dozens of ARTICLES (with your affiliate link embedded in them) that you can post directly on your own site to improve your content. We have articles on organizing your space, time, paper, and mental attitude -- as well as articles on being a better small business person.


You have to give people a REASON to click through a link -- so just putting up a banner or graphic link without any description generally isn't as effective as including some text with it. So even if you do use our graphic links, be sure to include a DESCRIPTION -- a couple of sentences explaining why people should follow that link and what's waiting for them on the other end. If you need help with this wording, let us know and we'll be glad to send you something appropriate. And if you have any questions about merging our links into your web design or layout, give us a shout and we'll be happy to help.


You can't just put one banner up on your site and expect to earn thousands of dollars a month in commissions. You can earn a nice passive income from your www.OnlineOrganizing.com links, but you need to do a few things:

  • put up LOTS of links -- link to different sections of our website, link to many different products, include our articles and other content as links, and talk about www.OnlineOrganizing.com in your emails to your own site visitors -- give people lots of opportunities to earn you some commissions

  • Text links often out perform banner links, so include some kind of DESCRIPTION explaining why people should visit that link -- a graphic banner isn't nearly as effective as you putting up a paragraph with it telling people that you think www.OnlineOrganizing.com is the greatest organizing resource on the web or highlighting a specific product that you love and recommend they check out -- make it PERSONAL and they're more likely to click through

  • promote our SALES and web specials -- we will send you information on our monthly sales, organizing holidays, and events at our site so you have new ways to promote www.OnlineOrganizing.com each month

  • don't forget that you can also earn commissions on ANY website sale, not just the products in our catalog -- if you bring us a new site advertiser, encourage organizers and speakers to sign up for our referral network, help us to sell our OnlineOrganizing Academy training programs -- or anything else -- you earn a COMMISSION on those sales too!


If you engage in search engine MARKETING -- buying Google ad words or bidding on search terms -- we encourage you to use this strategy to promote your www.OnlineOrganizing.com links. We try to keep our keyword bidding restrictions to a minimum. Affiliates may not direct link to our site or list our trademark term in the display URL. And affiliates may not bid on our trademark name or any permutations, variations, or misspellings thereof on any search engine. But beyond that, go for it! You are encouraged to use our name -- www.OnlineOrganizing.com -- in your web copy and text. And to assist with your search engine marketing efforts, we have developed a list of proven KEYWORDS to promote www.OnlineOrganizing.com.

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