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Blog: Financial Organizing Made Easy & Fun
Laugh Because It's True

I confess often it's the simplest of things that make me smile at the end the day. Maybe it's an an old familiar song, a phone call from a far away friend, or a advertisement that's just so true it make you giggle out loud.
I like to think I'm don't notice the jumbo sized billboard ad that endlessly line the highways or even those ugle plastic sign boards plastered to telephone polls. However, now and again one seems to catches my eye and for good reason. Usually it contains something so darn silly or whimsical that I find myself smiling each and every time I drive by it. One of those times occurred earlier this week as I drove home in the evening commute home around metro Atlanta.  Around the same curve I've traveled thousands of times before but then out of the corner of my eye I see its big orange letters. A huge billboard statement that reads 'Bank Fees Are Like Financial Wedgies.'

I couldn't help but laugh out when I saw it. Then I chuckled one more time as I began thinking how something irritating & annoying like bank fees was whittled down to the simple description of a long forgotten youthful prank. In so many ways it's a very accurate description of that feeling you get when you open up a bank statement to discover a $2 ATM fee or a surcharge fee to actually talking to customer service representative. Or, maybe I laugh out of frustration because a client and I had just spent 35 minutes on the phone disputing a series of bank fees.
Who really cares why you laugh at a silly billboard or those old knock-knock jokes children tell 1,000 times? What I care about is helping inspire you to do something about getting rid of that financial wedgie feeling you might be feeling due to bank fees and charges. If you need a little inspiration before ringing up your banker try visiting ING Direct's online listing of their other snapping billboards by visiting http://home.ingdirect.com/about/about.asp?s=OutdoorAds
Step #1 Check out the other billboards for inspiration or just for a few laughs. Here is one more just for further motivation onto step #2!

Step #2 Ring or email your bank and repeat to them, 1,000 times if necessary, that you refuse to pay for online banking and bill pay services. That's a service you deserve for FREE!
Step #3 - For good measure, tell them you don't like financial wedgies. If they know their competition well enough they'll know what you mean.
  Laugh out when you hear the banker say that's no problem.
Have a great week and remember to smile 'cause you are not paying banking fees no more!

posted on: 3/4/2008 11:30:00 AM by Nanette Duffey
category: Finances

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Financial Organizing Made Easy & Fun

by Nanette Duffey

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About Nanette:

Nanette Duffey, owner of Organized Instincts, LLC provides professional organizing and money manager services to individuals, families, and small businesses. Before founding Organized Instincts in 2005, she held several finance roles at GE and earned a B.S., Financial Management, from Clemson University. Nanette has appeared in the media and regularly presents to a variety of civic and community organizations. Nanette currently serves as the Treasurer for the NAPO Georgia (National Association of Professional Organizers) chapter. Nanette loves to travel, football, photography, ballet, and learning to cook.

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