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Blog: Make Time For Time Management
What are some things you can do in a small segment of time?

If we use the tools that are shown to us daily we can accomplish so much more in a day.  At your work place and even when you were young, we learned little tips that help us accomplish some of the biggest task.  For instance, here is a scenario, you're preparing for the Turkey Day.  You have a lot of family arriving in a few days. You're the planner and you'll prepare most of the meals.  Now, you have to clean, shop, prepare, etc.  So, how do you do it and how do you begin?  You take it in small segments.  You do a little at a time.  You do some things, one day and others the next.  Well, I want to give those of you that think its not enough time for things to get accomplish, a tool that will help you begin and start to change the way you look at it.  Now, remember the first and the most important things you always must have is the determination to want to do it, always, always first, then wanting to make the time –moving thing around, cancelling things, or whatever. Then, BEGIN to take action, the leap, and the drive to begin the process.  If you have been reading, Time Management is a process.  No, step skipping! One day at a time course. You get better with practice and persistence. Now, here are a few and it doesn't apply to everyone, but it will help some!
10 minutes or less
·       Make an appointment
·       Start a shopping list
·       Dust a room (not with a lot knickknacks)
·       Sort your weekly laundry (color, whites, etc)
·       Water plants
·       Sweep the FLOOR
·       Load a dishwasher
·       Return, library books (before it opens-drop slot)
·       Take out the trash
·       Sort through JUNKMAIL
·       Put away clothes (that are piled on the bed, chair, or floor)
          15 minutes
·       Start a load of laundry (taking it to the area & loading)
·       Give a child a bath
·       Read book to a child
·       File new mail
·       Fold a load of laundry (depends on the size of family/washer size)
30 minutes
·       Send out thank you
·       Reconcile your checkbook
·       Clean out your purse
  • Tear wanted pages out of a magazine (speak more on this in my next entry to the Time Management.)
Last words- try it and tell me if it works for you.  If it doesn't, there are plenty more ways for your situation.

posted on: 3/8/2008 9:30:00 AM by Audrey Crawford
category: Time Management

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Make Time For Time Management

by Audrey Crawford

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Audrey L. Crawford, a Professional Organizer and Decorator for the home and office for over 8 years. I have found it to be my passion and ministry. A service that helps you to find homes for everything with any size budget. Specializing in organizing, decorating, closet design, color selection, workshops and organizing parties. A wife of 14 years and a mother of a daughter 14 years old and a son 6 1/2 years old. Member of NAPO, Mocha Moms, Service Magic

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