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Blog: Organizing for Boomers
Rightsize, Instead-Part II

Hope you've started on your journey to rightsize your life. Did you have a chance to pick up Ciji Ware's book I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Her book is Rightsizing Your Life and is a great Step-by-Step Guide for anyone who is wanting to get their life just the Right Size.

If you missed my first blog on this topic, "Don't Downsize Rightsize, Instead", it can be found at the following link: http://www.onlineorganizing.com/BlogEntry.asp?id=1113

While the book's main application is for those of us at a certain age (We actually know what a record is and who that really famous person was who appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show), I think her seven steps can work for anyone contemplating a move in the coming months or years.

At the end of what might become agony at times, rightsizers come to a liberation of sorts, learning to differentiate between what they really don't need to what is truly important to them. It's a journey, filled with potential bumpy potholes, but its goal is to help people free themselves from their "stuff" and create the life that is just the right size for them.

This is not necessarily about shrinking living space. In fact, in some cases, there might be an expansion of space to accommodate additional family members. Rightsizing is standing still and taking a deep breath and analyzing your particular situation, right now.

Think about your life right now-not last year or eight years ago, but now, and think about different likely scenarios in the future.

According to Ms. Ware, approximately 60 percent of the seventy-seven million baby boomers are expected to make at least one more move, so if you might be one of them, now is the time to start planning.

So, what are YOUR intentions?

Here's a short quiz from the book to get you started:

  1. Today, I'm living in (put here the place and style of your home), spending my days doing mostly (put your work, hobbies, volunteer work, family obligations, etc).
  2. In a year I expect to be living in (where and what will it look like?).
  3. Five (or 10-15) years from today, I could see myself living (put in the details-where will this be).
  4. At age eighty I imagine I will be living in (write your surroundings here).
  5. A year from today I expect to be spending most of my time doing_______________.
  6. Five years from today I expect to be engaging in activities such as ___________.
  7. When I'm eighty I expect to spend my days doing (work)___________________and (play)_____________________________.
  8. A year from today I would love to be living in a ___________________in the (town, region, maybe more than one place) of _________________, spending my days involved in doing the things I enjoy most which are ______________.
  1. Five (or 10-15) years from today, I would love to be spending my days doing_______________________.
  2. When I'm eighty I _____________________.

If you have a spouse, after you complete this quiz, try it again pretending you are the spouse and see how the answers compare.

That's plenty of homework for now. Let me know at were there any special moments of discovery when you completed this exercise? How did it feel? Start a Journal Book of Rightsizing and give yourself the gift of dreaming.

How will your Rightsized Life look?

Until next time.

Making Your Space a Special Place.


the R.E.D. team Reinventing Everyday Designs

posted on: 3/14/2008 12:30:00 PM by Sue Crum
category: Special Populations

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I will use it on mine!!

by Laquisha on 6/24/2011 12:33:57 PM:

That's way more clever than I was exepcitng. Thanks!

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Organizing for Boomers

by Sue Crum

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About Sue:

Sue Crum knows and understands the life of a Baby Boomer all too well. Having served as the filling of an Oreo cookie for many years, she has reinvented herself in San Diego as the owner of The R.E.D. Team, Reinventing Everyday Designs, doing professional organizing, real estate staging, and interior redesign.

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