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Blog: Just Do Itů Finding The Motivation
A Walk on the Beach

What inspires you? What catches your eye, soothes your soul, feeds your spirit, and takes your breath away?

I love the beach! I love everything about the beach: the sand, the waves, the breeze, the salty air, the sun...everything! For me, there's no substitute for what the beach does for me.

When I have the good fortune to spend time by the ocean, I find that I am more relaxed than anywhere else. When I look out over the water, nothing else exists. The entire experience of spending time in the waves, walking the beach, and soaking up the rays refreshes every part of me. Absolutely nothing compares to how much the beach inspires me.

So what's so motivating about that? So glad you asked.

I have decorated my office in a beach theme. I painted the walls with waves of a Carribean blue and turquois, with sand along the bottom. The carpet has a fun texture that feels great to barefeet and the color is sandy with tiny specks of color. There are starfish on the window sill and child-size grass skirts for window valances. I have storage under a long table and to hide this I've used a grass table skirt. A bright sarong covers the ho-hum brown surface of the table top.

I have had a lot of fun decorating my office. Every time I come in here I'm energized and ready to work. It's bright and airy. It's relaxing. It's inspiring.

The look and feel of my office space motivates me. It motivates me to spend time in here. It motivates me to stay here and get my work done. It motivates me to keep things in order. I love spending time in this space.

So what inspires you? Consider this when you are working on organizing your spaces. Pin up a picture that breathes life into you and boosts your energy -- it'll keep you going when you're not really wanting to. Post a picture that's representative of the look and feel of the space you are working to achieve. This will keep you moving and encourage you to make the right choices along the way.

Using color, textures, a theme, artwork, and such that inspires you in your newly organized space will also motivate you to keep your newly organized space organized. You'll enjoy it so much you will naturally want to keep it maintained.

When we lack motivation, we need to dip into our bag of tricks and try whatever we can to get our juices flowing again. Using elements of inspiration, surrounding yourself with what inspires you, can be a strong motivator. Think about what inspires you, what you love, what delights you, what energizes you, what relaxes you, what you enjoy. Use these elements to motivate yourself to push ahead and reach your goals.

Life is too short not to enjoy. The spaces you spend time in should be spaces you want to spend time in and enjoy! Have fun integrating elements of what inspires you into your spaces and life. You will definitely appreciate the benefits!

posted on: 3/24/2008 12:00:00 PM by Nancy McGarity
category: The Mental Side

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Just Do Itů Finding The Motivation

by Nancy McGarity

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About Nancy:

I'm a mom, wife, professional organizing consultant and speaker, and a former Early Childhood educator. A personal crisis in my own life took me from perfectionism to total mayhem. I want neither. I'm now all about balance and being realistic about what I and my clients can maintain. My organizing business Real Solutions For Living was started to: 1) let people know they are not alone in their struggle to overcome clutter chaos, 2) to help them reduce their stress, 3) to help them gain back control of their spaces and lives, and 4) to offer realistic, practical, and down to earth solutions. I love what I do!

Nancy's Website:


Favorite Quote:

  • "Success consists of getting up one more time than you fall."

Favorite Books on Organizing

  • Organizing For the Creative Person
  • Making Peace With The Things In Your Life
  • Buried Treasures
  • Messie No More
  • Conquering Chronic Disorganization
  • Organizing From the Inside Out
  • Clutter's Last Stand

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