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Blog: My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving
Kitchen Considerations

The kitchen is typically the most used room in the house. Not only do you cook, clean, eat and socialize in the kitchen, it also provides storage space for pots & pans, cutlery & crockery, paper & plasticware, cleaning products, not to mention food, mail & paperwork, trash & recyclables, pet food,  small appliances, phone books & cookbooks, wine & liquor, batteries, light bulbs, buttons, vitamins, paperclips… well, you get the idea!
The storage strategy itself is a challenge in a lot of homes, but to ensure the kitchen is efficient for all the things you want to do in it there are many more considerations than "will it fit?"  Below are a few tips for organizing your kitchen.
·         Keep things close to where you use them. Spatulas should hang on the wall next to the cooktop, or in the drawer right beside it.  Likewise, keep oil or PAM within reach of your cooktop and hot pads near the oven.
·         Store things you use at the same time together. You may not make pies that often, but when you do, it's nice to find the pie plate, the rolling pin and the pie weights all together.
·         Give prime storage space to things you use often. Put the fondue pot in the back of the cabinet and the toaster in the front (unless the toaster is something that deserves to be on the counter permanently – see below.)
·         To leave out or not to leave out? You want clear surfaces, but it's a pain to put the dish rack away  and get it back out  two or three times a day.  I recommend leaving it out. Just make sure you have a pretty dish rack.
·         Make it easy to put things away. Keep your dishes within easy reach of the dishwasher.
·         Is your Tupperware drawer overflowing? Chances are there are lids without partners, and discolored or melted or broken pieces that you might as well throw away.  Purge your kitchen of unused or unusable things regularly.
·         What about your pantry, is it overflowing? If you find food that you forgot you had, it may be past its prime.  To make sure you use what you've already got before you have to throw it way, take stock of what's in your cupboards as you do your meal planning.  Use up that rice pilaf and that sauerkraut! You'll free up space.

posted on: 3/28/2008 1:30:00 PM by Ginny Gassman
category: Moving

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My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving

by Ginny Gassman

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Ginny Gassman is the owner of Tidy Cove, LLC, which provides professional organizing services for the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Tidy Cove publishes a free organizing tips newsletter.

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