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Blog: Take The Stress Out Of Housecleaning
Ways that Kids Can Help Save Energy

Print this out for your children, after all, it is actually for them! Kids are great at helping around the house when they are given a guideline to follow on what is expected of them. You can see BIG changes in your bills with the help of your children!

Hi Kids;

Most of you, are learning in school about how to save energy and cut down the cost of monthly bills. You are getting information that isn't printed in a lot of newspapers, but is very important. Check your home and see if your family is putting all of these tips to good use.

It could be that because of you checking these things, your parents can save a lot of money each month. They will have you to thank, for being so observant and caring, about how much money they spend on bills and expenses. Sometimes it takes every member of the family to work together in order to be able to save.

Check out these things in your home:

1. Does everyone turn the light off in a room when no one is in it?
2. Does your mom put the covers on pots and pans when she is cooking? It takes less time for the food to cook, so you save on   gas or electric and the time it takes to cook it.
3. Does your family take showers instead of baths? You use less water when you take a shower.
4. Does your shower have an energy saver head on it? They only use 2.5 gallons of water!
5. Do you turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth and only turn it on when you are going to rinse your toothbrush and teeth? Water running when it isn't being used is a waste of water and energy.
6. Do you have the furnace or air conditioner turned off when it isn't needed?
7. Do you regulate the furnace or air conditioner for the time of day and the outside temperature?
8. Make sure that you insulate your hot water heater to make sure that the heat stays in the heater and it conserves energy.
9. Have mom use cold water when she washes the cold. The clothes get just as clean and it saves a lot of energy.
10. Help mom hang clothes out on the line instead of wasting money putting them in the dryer. This is great for sheets, comforters, rugs and heavy items that take long to dry.
11. If you use a dishwasher, just wash the dishes and rinse them, and then let them air dry. It will save a lot of money!
12. Check the outside of the house for caulking that is missing or leaks where you can see into the house (around doors and windows) this let's energy from in the house go to the outside. Another money waster!
13. If you have a fireplace, woodstove or pellet stove, makes sure that the flue is closed when not in use. The heat or cold from in the house will escape to the outside through the flue and chimney. Causing the furnace or air conditioner to run more and waste energy.
14. Make sure that you don't hold the refrigerator or freezer door open, this will make the motor turn on and run too much.
15. Don't leave the computer turned on when not in use. It takes less energy to turn it off and on than to leave it on. Write a note and put it next to the computer, 'Turn Off, When Not In Use'.

You know, even parents and grandparents, can learn a little more on energy saving and you may have some tips that they don't know about. See how your family does and then have your friends check their houses and compare your notes. Keep track of what the monthly bill was this month and how much it is the next time the bill comes and see how much your family has saved through wise energy use.

Jan Hayner looks for ways for you to save money, stay organized, have time for fun things in life and how to do it the easy way. Keep life simple using her organizing and cleaning tips and hints at www.organizingyourlifetheeasyway.com