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Blog: If Your Money Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy
Your Money Ain't Happy and Your Not Happy if Ignorance is Your Bliss

You go to your mailbox, hoping for something fun in the mail. You anxiously open the mailbox and start paging through the envelopes to see what might be of interest when you come across THAT envelope.  The bank statement envelope, you know the one you avoid at all costs for the past number of years or decades.  Your relationship at this moment with your money is avoid, avoid, avoid because sometimes ignorance is just pure bliss!  Your money is complaining that it feels used because when you want to have fun, money is the first one you call to have a fun fling but a serious relationship is out of the question.  Maybe money has a point because when things get serious you just avoid it and act like nothing is wrong.  You know that your money ain't happy and you really can admit the relationship could be much better if you quit avoiding some of the problems.  So let's look at one tip to keep your money and you happy by bringing in the advice of the bank statement (don't worry I am not asking you to sit down and reconcile your bank statement) to open up a little conversation with your money.  Your relationship can be a little more "reconciled" by using my one tip for this week.  Yes, just one big tip you don't want to miss because it can make or break you and your money's relationship!
Last week I wrote about three major leaks in your finances.  If you used even some of that advice you probably saved yourself at least $100 just over the course of one week.  If you missed that one just click the link to it on the bottom of this page.  I am trying to make it easier to repair some of the financial damage going on with quick steps that are easy and can be done right now.  Speaking of damage…let's start repairing this relationship with your money a little more.
In walks the bank statement, you are a little surprised that it is not holding that much of a grudge towards you for avoiding it at all costs.  Money looks at you with a look that says "see your bank statement won't bite you now will it?"  You know you're going to be in the hot seat but hey if progress can be made then you can do this.  Money starts the conversation by saying out loud this time, no more dirty looks at you, "I just want to be understood a little more and that's why I brought the bank statement to this session.  I feel if we could use this tool together it would bring us closer to our goals and will lower the avoid factor, if not eliminate it in the future."
I have to admit your money is right.  If you just open up your envelope the next time you get your bank statement and take a peek at it you can analyze a few things.  So here's my big tip of the week.  When you are looking at your bank statement look at these sections to see where most of the contention is and start repairing it today!
  1. Deposits.  Did all the deposits go in correctly?  This is your money and what if part of that money did not make it home to your account you may not know the answer if you don't just check and make sure what you deposited matches the deposits.
  1.  Debit Card Spending.  If you look at this section you will be able to have a very open conversation with your money.  Look at the number of debit card transactions and how many pages used to list them all.  This will tell you whether or not that debit card is the source of mismanaged money.  It will also show you if there has been any fraudulent charges…yes this happened to me once and if I didn't open my statement the day it came who knows how much more money would have been spent by a crook.  I'll expand on this situation in my next blog. 
  1. ATM leaks.  My husband always joked when I would get after him for using the ATM way too many times that it was like a slot machine and he won every time.    Use the ATM to get cash out for money that you already budgeted for like we talked about last time.  Nothing can put you in the red faster than that fast cash unbudgeted.
  1. Checks or Electronic Payments.  Using online to pay bills is a huge time saver and money saver on postage.  Paying and keeping track of how much is spent on monthly bills is a great cornerstone to building a budget.  After the bills are paid you know how much extra cash you have to budget on the fun stuff. 
So to summarize, my big tip of the week is looking at your bank statement is one of the best ways to start a good standing relationship with your money.  You can see what your bad habits and good habits are and start your course of action right away.  You can get to reconciling later, but for now just knowing your bank statement won't bite is a big step that shouldn't be avoided. 

posted on: 10/24/2007 11:30:00 AM by Triste Horrell
category: Finances

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If Your Money Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

by Triste Horrell

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