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Blog: The Pile High Club--how NOT to become a member
Organizing During a Recession

Though I am hopeful and optimistic about the future with our new government, I am not naïve.  I am aware it is going to take some time before people start feeling comfortable and the job and housing markets start making a comeback.

I have certainly felt the pinch in my own business as people have curbed their costs, since my services are—to some—a luxury expense.  To others, however, (those with foresight) I have become a necessity.  I, and the organization I implement and teach, am a source of comfort and control in an otherwise crazy world.  

Here are 6 "must do"s during a tight economy:

   1. Get in control. Now is truly the time to clear off your desk, toss out the clutter, prioritize the 'stuff' that needs doing, and make a plan for getting things done.  Instead of writing things on a to-do list, write them on your calendar, so there is a dedicated date and time allotted for you to complete your tasks. 

   2. Get focused. No more procrastinating. Get real about your commitments and promises. Make a plan and act on it.  Swallow the frog.  And if you find there's one thing you've been procrastinating on forever and you know you're not going to get it done, drop the goal and enjoy the day.  Take it off your 'to do' list temporarily and come back to it later with fresh perspective.

   3. Get out there. If you're looking for work, hit the Internet for (free) job hunting and resume services.  Then hit the pavement—just get out there and get out there often!  Get some free advice or attend free classes from your local Business Development Center to beef up your resume.  If you've got free time now, use it wisely.  Get dressed up and attend free networking events and let people know you're available for work.

   4. Get thrifty. If you're organized enough to cut coupons, put them in your car so you have them when you need them, like when you're out and about running errands. On that note, consolidate your errands; the price of gas is creeping up again, have you noticed?

   5. Get closure. Got an error on your credit card bill? Call and get it resolved. Looking for a deal on a digital camera? Do your homework, make a decision and make your purchase. The less 'open loops' you have hanging around in these trying times, the less stress you'll be under.

   6. Get help. Seriously, hire a professional organizer in your area.  It may be the best low-cost investment you can make right now. Beyond general home organization (which can really help you feel in control), many are experts in time management training and can get you razor-focused so you can accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. Go to www.napo.net for a quick listing of all the members of the National Association of Professional Organizers in your zip code.

posted on: 2/9/2009 10:30:00 AM by Heather Lambie
category: Paper

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The Pile High Club--how NOT to become a member

by Heather Lambie

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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die

  • Run a leg with the Olympic torch before the games begin
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  • See a prize fight (boxing) in Las Vegas
  • Run the NYC Marathon
    I ran the Disney Marathon in 2000 (pre-kids). Would love to run another post-kids, to prove I can.
  • Have washboard abs.
  • Eliminate self doubt.
  • Own an apartment in Manhattan.
  • Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve.
  • Take an RV trip down the coast of California.

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