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Blog: Take The Stress Out Of Housecleaning
Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets-Remove the Grease

This is a great time of the year to really clean those kitchen cabinets and get the layers of grease off.

We have the winter blahs and what is left to do but clean!
It's too cold, snowy or icey to go out for too long of a time and we are limited for cash to enjoy some of the other things in life.
However, we can start looking forward to spring and the great weather!
Now is the perfect time to clean those cabinets and get tons of grease off and it is sooo simple to do.
Wash your cabinets with a grease cutting liquid, such as Dawn dish soap. It is mild to the hands, but attacks the grease.
Then, simply wash over them again with a solution of baking soda and water. Making sure to rinse them with clear, clean water to get the residue off the wood.
Then simply polish them or use paste wax to put a sealer coat that will help to stop the grease from penetrating the wood.
Rub gently with a piece of paper toweling to a bright and glowing shine.
Why wait until spring cleaning, when you would rather be out in the beautiful weather!
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