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Blog: Ignite Your Energy and Grow Your Life!
When Organization Isn't Enough

What I've found in my 10 years as a professional organizer is that no matter how intense the clutter, how big the piles, how enormous the job of digging out from under - the tipping point always comes when the client sees something on the other side of their mess that they REALLY want and they are ready to GET it.

By then, my job is relatively easy.  They already know what they want and where they want to go.  I just help them navigate a way out of the woods to the path they can already see in the distance. 
But when you don't know exactly what you want or where you want to go (although you have a strong sense that your present state of affairs isn't working) - just trying to get organized isn't enough.
When you want to make a change in your life or if you're going through a transition or grappling with letting go of something that represents the past, it's not organization you need - its a 3 step plan I use in my life fitness coaching - ACTions Speak Louder.
What's ACTion?  It's a transformation process for getting rid of the weight of your body, mind, and spatial clutter so you can move and grow.  In 3 simple steps you:
  •      Accept yourself right where you are - no stories, excuses, shame or blame
  •      Set a Clear intention for what you want.  Clarify your vision with a simple plan or blueprint.
  •      Take it one small step at a time.  Baby steps taken consistently create a tipping   point that yields real transformation and life changes that last.    

It's a surefire way to manage the feelings of being stuck and unsure.   Taking it a step further, when you understand and release your emotional attachment to the tangible weight of life (i.e., things, appointments, and obligations)  you are empowered to release the intangible weight (unhealthy beliefs, negative thoughts and behaviors, guilt, inertia, depression).

Taking ACTion is your guide to living life lighter - more connected, more joyful, more authentic.  You're engaged, alive, clear, focused and able to do what it is you came here to do.  
It works with any transition and will help you gain clarity no matter what stage of a transition you're in - whether you are "brewing and stewing" about making a change for a long time and just can't take your current situation any longer or you've already made a significant life change and still feel stuck with past feelings or beliefs about yourself.  Or you may be forced to make a change (moving, job layoff, divorce) and you're not ready.
When you take ACTion, you take full responsibility for where you are - without judgement.   Unlike organizing, it's an ongoing process that requires that you move and change.  Your success comes from the energy and joy you feel about getting through the transition and moving to a new level - one step at a time.  At your pace.