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Blog: It's good to be back!
Taking back my house - one room at a time!

Since last week's blog…I have decided to take back my own house! I sat down and really thought which room is the worst? Is it our bedroom or the boys'? It was undoubtedly the boys' room. Right now we are in between seasons, getting ready for back to school and readying ourselves for what is about to go to consignment. My boys are separated by two seasons clothing wise, so I also have to pull out the clothes the oldest has outgrown and store them for a year until the little one is ready for them.

It seems this process is never- ending!

Then there are the toys and pieces. Legos and small parts that slip into places you never imagined. Things like long lost Pokemon cards. I might think it is trash but I always allow my kid's one last look before the trash box is emptied. They get so mad, "Moooom! This isn't trash"

It seems my kids, growing up with an organizer, have developed a natural tendency to doubt me, they go through the consignment boxes pulling out something before I see. They check behind me at preschool when I donate items there. Sometimes I have actually tossed something in that probably shouldn't have gone, and it is embarrassing when one of the preschool teachers at church says "Baylor says there is a little gray man downstairs that belongs to him and you must have thrown it into the donate box my mistake". Oh well!

So here is how I started: Tuesday morning