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Blog: Ignite Your Energy and Grow Your Life!
Your Why Should Make You Cry

Approximately 44% of Americans set New Year's Resolutions. Only 15% or less of all resolutions are every fully realized. Over half of all resolutions made at the New Year are abandoned by Valentine's Day. Why? It's the difference between intention and resolution.
Webster's defines them thus:
  • Resolution: The decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.
  • Intention: An anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.
I don't know about you, but just reading the words "a decision to behave in a certain way" makes me cringe. It's constricting, dull, and boring. "An outcome that guides your planned actions" that's different. It's energizing, motivating and inspiring. It puts me in creative control.
By their very nature, resolutions are decisions we feel we SHOULD or MUST make like lose weight, organize our closets, get our taxes done on time. Shoulds don't inspire. They stand there wagging their fingers at us like a frustrated parent. So it's not surprising that after a few weeks or a month of working on resolutions, you find yourself nestled on the couch with a bag of tortilla chips and dip, your feet resting on the piles of mail you haven't opened in a month.
If you want to realize some real change in your life this you've got to create a why that resonates powerfully in your emotions and your spirit.  So powerfully it makes you cry.   
You see, there's a difference between your morning commitments and your evening realities.  You wake up with determination that today you're going to organize your desk, go for a 45 minute walk, eat a healthy stir fry for dinner.  Ever notice how by 5 p.m. those commitments sometimes turn into a desire to just crawl into bed with the remote control and a container of Ben and Jerry's?
That's why you need a motivational target that holds a powerful intention in its inner rings.  I'm talking about the kind of targets used in archery.  It has 5 rings and a bulls-eye.  The target's outer rings are your "global" motivations. 
These are the general reasons you want to get healthier.  You want to get into that little black dress.  You want more confidence, energy, and self esteem.  You want to prevent or treat a health condition. 
Chances are when you reach that goal; you'll eventually slide because it's not enough to keep you going.  That's when you need to go to the inner rings of your target and right to the bulls' eye.   You understand at a deeper level why you're in your current situation and why you want to change.   
Some "inner ring" motivations might be that when I'm healthy I'll be able to take better care of my family, play with my grandchildren, have more energy for work and relationships.
 My innermost ring or "bulls' eye" target motivation for working out and living a healthy lifestyle is that I'm committed to sharing this message with women over 40 everywhere.  I have to be authentic and walk my talk.  Teachers are held accountable by stricter standards than everyone else!  When I feel like skipping a workout because I'm tired (and sometimes I do!) I visualize all of you and remember my commitment to being a coach.  That's almost always enough motivation to get off the couch! 
Anchor your motivation with an affirmation that will make you feel powerful when you're overwhelmed and frustrated.  Make it simple and visual.  For instance one of my target motivations is: to live with radical healthy, vitality and unstoppable energy!  My affirmation for this is: I run from junk foods that make me feel sluggish and sick, I run towards foods that energize and cleanse my body.
Visualize one baby step you can take today that will move you towards your intention.  Remember, even 20-30 minutes consistently over time will get you where you want to go. Can you spare 30 minutes a day for YOU?

posted on: 8/18/2009 9:30:00 AM by Robin Stephens
category: Time Management

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Ignite Your Energy and Grow Your Life!

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