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Blog: Working From Home
Are You Working in a Small Office?

Small Offices Are Becoming the New Norm.
The goal of working for a large company for a lifetime, the choice of many earlier generations, has become largely unattainable, and even undesirable, nowadays. Lots of people are going it alone, or with a small group of colleagues, in a small office. If that's you, this blog is meant to be an ongoing resource. I'll be talking about all sorts of issues that you will encounter sooner or later. I'll be sharing things I've learned about organization and time management from running my own home-based organizing business and helping other small business owners organize theirs.

Which Situation Describes You Best?
Are you someone who doesn't want the constraints of corporate life and prefers to create your own work life and work style? There are lots of your friends out there who also value freedom and personal fulfillment far more than security and "rising through the ranks." You are choosing to work in small companies where you are known as individuals and can make a noticeable contribution to the company's success. Or you may be an entrepreneur, starting your own company, doing something you are passionate about.

Maybe you're a sales representative, either an independent contractor or an employee of a large company, who works from home, responsible for the day-to-day operations of your own office.

Perhaps your former company was forced to downsize or restructure, and you now are finding it necessary to make your own way. As a young person, you may have chosen a solid company with a well-defined career path, only to discover that after years of loyalty you must begin again. Have you now become a consultant in your field of expertise, learning new skills as a small business owner?

Or, are you retired from your career, but are not ready to give up the stimulation and psychic rewards of satisfying work? People like you are embarking on new and exciting times in their lives, doing volunteer work or turning former hobbies or personal interests into second careers.

All of us have this in common: When you work in a small office, it's hard to get yourself organized and stay that way. There are too many distractions, too many things to do, too many demands on your time.  My goal is to share my experience so that you can become more effective in less time, with less frustration.