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Blog: It's good to be back!
Mom of 3 vs. the Morning!!

It's 7:15 a.m., Monday morning, the beginning of the week.  I have ten minutes to get the kiddos packed up for school with their lunches and backpacks and loaded into the car, and I am standing in the middle of the kitchen, Beckett, my 7 month old, pulling at my pajama pants, Caleb, my five year old, saying, "You haven't given me my vitamin!"  Cooper, my 3 year old, "I'm still hungry," in the whiniest, most pitiful voice you have ever heard.  All the while, Hot Wheels are flying around my ankles, "ramping" over the thresholds on the floor.  This sounds like it is going to turn out pretty disastrous, doesn't it?  There was a time in the past where this WOULD have been a disaster, but being the mom of three boys, five years and younger, I have had to adjust the way that I run my home.  If I had not stopped and gotten control of this ship, we would have sunk a long time ago.  This is no lie.  See, I don't just have three kids.  I don't just have three boys.  I have three incredible boys.  So incredible, in fact, their reputation precedes them.  I think people on the outside stand in amazement at times, perplexed and wondering how this ship hasn't sunk!  Wouldn't trade my little blessings for the world, but active is an understatement.

This is where I have had to change the way I do things as a mother to stay on top of my game, which I consider to be several steps ahead of them.  Have to.  So in the coming months, I will be sharing tips with you that have helped me accomplish this major feat, such as breaking down large bags into smaller snack bags ahead of time, and creating an assembly line that the boys can walk through, make their selections, and put together their own lunches.  I feel it is important to give them options, but to guide them and teach them to make healthy choices now, so when they are bigger, they will understand the importance of healthy eating.  See, I am not only the multi-tasking mom and wife; I am by trade a nurse and a personal chef.  And I have not always had healthy habits myself.  But I feel it is my duty to instill this mindset in my children.  And for those people who also realize that it is important, I assist them to do the same in their home.  This is the reason that I have joined the Lulagrace team, not only to help our clients create healthy, organized environments in their homes, but we are also able to assist them to reorganize their pantries and create healthy eating habits.  Through the new DinnerbyDesign service, not only will they learn tips on how to provide healthful meals and snacks, they will learn how to navigate the dreaded grocery list and trip to the store, as a result they will end up saving money and sanity in the end. 

My goal is to help moms just like me to stay on top of their game.  Of course, we want you to visit us each week for great organizing tips…but especially the last Thursday of each month. I will be blogging some of my tips and advice only found through trial and error on my own part to share with you. If there is a particular topic you have that you would like us to address just email it to and we will do our best to answer it within the blogs.