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Blog: It's good to be back!
The Dreaded Laundry Giant!!

Oh how I absolutely despise doing laundry. Now, I know there are folks who say that folding and sorting clothes can be somewhat therapeutic. That has never been me. I really have tried, I have invested in multiple multi-compartment laundry hampers (which fall apart), flip folds (which I LOVE), several glass containers to make doing laundry seem pretty. I have several shelves in my laundry room that house everything I need right there within reach. But I STILL hate doing laundry. In our first home I had a washing machine in the kitchen and our dryer was located outside in an exterior room. I always said, "if I could just have my washer and dryer side by side I would do a better job of keeping it going." Now I do, but things didn't change.

I can go out to a client's home and set up systems based on their needs, assembly lines and various tactics that seem to work well for them for months at a time. But I just cannot bring myself to face my own monster. Now I say "when I have a front loading washer and dryer it will be different". No it won't!! I will still hate it. And this is why...
• I do not stay consistent on where I fold clothes and house them to be put up
• I do not have any order to my laundry room for how I process in the dirty laundry and how to process out the clean.
• I have no room to spread out the laundry so I move to the dinner table
• When I have run out of room on the table I run to the bed in our room
• I run out of time and clothes stay on the bed until we place them in a basket so we can go to sleep!!
• I have no schedule, I try to do a little laundry every day. But then I have to run out, I end up going to bed and forgetting I left a load in the washer waiting on transfer to the dryer and it soured…so I have to start again and then I am always a load backed up!
• My husband get's involved and thinks he is helping. He folds and puts clothes away opposite to the systems I have in place in the drawers and closets and then I have to go back. Or he just leaves them folded inside a basket and while I truly appreciate it, I lack the time to put them up at the moment and then they begin to blend with the dirty laundry and I have to wash it all again.
• Lastly, did I mention I have NO TIME!!!
 If any of you are familiar with the Little Critter book series, I kinda sound like that!! Or maybe even "If You Give a Mouse a Cooke"!!
See, I am a reformed rebellious messie, as a child I always had a messy room and that is the one place I have always allowed myself to stay that way. So, I justify it in my own way!! I know that I possess the ability to get it done, within a short amount of time if I really wanted to...but I just haven't really wanted to.
So, here is what I intend to do!! This labor day weekend…I am going to take it all out. Wash it, dry it, fold it, iron it, hang it and put it all away. Should be a little easier that I am pulling items out to go to seasonal consignment at the same time.
My mother has always told me to set aside one night to do my catch up chores. One night a week designated solely to cleaning up and doing laundry. I have never tried this one time a week theory. Insisting, a load a night!! But then 3 nights pass and I have 7 loads of laundry to do in one night, and frankly that just puts me in a bad mood about the whole chore so I walk away. This idea of one night a week does appeal to me, however, I think I will modify mom's theory and try towels twice a week and see how it runs. I do have a hanging rack which I believe truly helps transfer straight from the dryer to the hanger and flip folds which I adore because everything stays consistent to a standard folded size for us and the kids. I always try to multitask while I do laundry which usually makes me so distracted I don't finish it, so this focusing thing might be a new trick!!
Over my holiday weekend I will dig my heels in, confront this giant (all on my own) and then try the one night a week theory. Intending to put clothes up and plan what we will wear weekly with the help of some labels from livinglocurto.com and give it an honest shot!! Guess I will need to stay off facebook and the phone on that night so I stay focused, huh?
Wishing all our friends a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!

posted on: 9/3/2009 2:00:00 PM by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

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by Christina on 9/14/2009 7:40:45 PM:

I so get it, I'll tell you what I have done~ I have a medium sized laundry room, with a big door that swings in not out. Well, that takes up some more room. What I did was I had gotten see-thru bins pink, blue and white. The same colors as what I wash, I am visual so that made the most sense. Since I have done this life has been easier at least in the laundry room. I have a laundry basket for each one of my kids. I have 4 and a husband, also a cat and dog. You get the idea, I have no time either and even though I am a stay at home mom, the laundry is forever endless and I just chalk it up to this, it will always be. There is no sense in beating myself up about it. So I try to do one load a day, but then I start to get smart and do 2 then 3 those are overwhelming so I have to keep the rule of one per day. Wash, dry, fold, put away. That is 4 functions that I have to do for x amount of people. Less is more and thats how my brain has to do it otherwise it will sit til I get to it. Uh, laundry!

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It's good to be back!

by Melissa Searcy

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