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Blog: It's good to be back!
Fitting It In

When we talk about time management what comes to mind? Tips like: take small bite size portions; make a task management log of the things you do daily; research to find where the minutes are going. We most often fail to notice the small steps required to reach the larger goal. We obsess about not fitting it all in our daily agenda. I believe that is because we are not able to think that long term or to plan from the end to the beginning. At the end of our life, what is going to be the most important to reflect on? The amount of "going" we crammed into our life or the moments in time we spent doing what we adore!. Did we take on too much not giving quality to those areas in our lives that were most important? Do we even know how to recognize when we have too much on our plate? God told me…in the form of panic attacks during 2008. Panic attacks are kinda like back pains, hard to prove simple to fake. I was embarrassed to tell anyone I was having them. I cannot let anxiety and fear rule my life or my special moments get robbed by worry.

To really manage our time better we must first learn how to look at the grander picture. It isn't about fitting as much into 24 hours anymore as much as wanting to fit it into a time of my life. There are things I enjoy doing seasonally and then there are things I enjoy for about 4 weeks and then I start something else and feel the pull to balance it all. As soon as it begins to get crazy, I have learned to stop re-prioritize my life and get back on task.. For example feeling like I can't get to the gym, I now realize that I am just going to have times throughout the year that I am too busy. I realize that in my future down time I am able to focus solely on my hobbies. My interest in volunteering, horseback riding, education and things that are personal to me has grown over the last several years and I now realize how much more I can accomplish when I can spread myself further over a concentrated amount of time. Instead of looking at how I didn't get to the gym this past 6 weeks, I know that I will have a week off soon followed by my holiday wrap up from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I will start setting appointments for January and concentrating on tying up jobs being done now. This being my fourth year in business I realize that during the summer I have plenty of time to start new hobbies, plan trips out with the family, reorganize my own house and learn something new or schedule a mundane task like updating my website.

Instead of focusing everyday on what I am not doing I simply schedule larger blocks of time to accomplish a task It really does give me something to look forward to and plan for. I am the sort of gal that if it cannot be done perfectly I would rather not do it at all. But, let a new accessory to my home come in and rooms must be rearranged before I can go to bed.  We need to learn to work smarter not harder.

New task managing websites such as task.fm and alice.com enable us to outsource those duties and obligations that we feel are most daunting. Finding more quality time in our schedule to do the things we want to do.