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Blog: Life Fitness
When Life Happens - 5 Keys I Learned the Hard Way

In my almost 2 months stint as caregiver to my mother during her short but intense battle with liver cancer, I learned first hand how easy it is to fall off your own priority list.

Although I arrived in Boston with my portable home gym and grocery list of good intentions, it didn't take long before things started to fall apart.  I had no concept of just how incredibly tiring and draining 24/7 care would be (even with hospice help) and the continual interruptions from concerned friends and family – by phone and in person.

And then there was the food – care packages from everywhere – mostly in the form of sugary desserts, cakes and pastries or comfort food loaded with fat.  Within a week I found myself spending most of my spare time on the couch with a cookie, a piece of pizza or some other form of comfort carb -  too tired to even go for a walk around the block.  It wasn't long before I contracted bronchitis and flu and by the end of the second week I actually had to slap myself into action with a stern "physician heal thyself" conversation.

It's not that as a coach I don't understand the effects of stress and "life happening" – I do.  But when it gets personal it's a different story entirely.  For instance, my clients often tell me they have NO problem helping their friends and family get organized.  So why so much trouble dealing with their own stuff?   

The answer is because it's YOUR stuff. 

My experience taking care of my mother was incredibly valuable for helping me see with new eyes the toll that stress and unplanned life events can take.  Which brings me to the 5 keys I wanted to talk to you about.  Whatever your present situation, knowing how to keep yourself at the top of your priority list will give you the energy, motivation and stamina to manage whatever bad weather life hurls in your direction!

1.    It starts with WHY.  The only way to cut the toxic "fat" in your life is to start with your mental "fat".  You need a powerful reason to become and stay fit.  What's your why?  It's all about creating meaning so that when you're tempted to give up or give in, or cave under the weight of your stress – you'll go straight to your WHY and tap into the power that will keep you focused through those tough times.