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Blog: Home Organizing, Week By Week
I am Wonder Woman?

Today I seriously thought that I could pick up my daughter and her friend from gymnastics bring them with me to the vet so my dog could get her shots; take all of them home and make lunch get the girls ready and drive them to school all with in an hour.  Then soon as I dropped them off I had an appointment across town followed by another one then I had to pick all my kids up from school all the while planning my other daughters Halloween party because for some reason I volunteered to organized the whole kit and caboodle!  

Now that you caught your breath are you thinking  "Wow that sounds familiar" or " That crazy woman needs a valum and a glass of wine".  What ever your opinion of the situation I put myself in, one thing is very obvious….Do you know what it is?   
I completely overscheduled myself, thinking that

 Though I like to think that I am sometimes (I'd love to have her super cool cuffs, not to mention the invisible plane and superman….) anyway, I thought I could do it all.  It did turn out to be a bit of a debacle.  As I 'm writing this I am thinking about my daughters Halloween party tomorrow and I think "am I ready"?  Will the kids like what I planned? You may not believe me when I say this but I am.  The whole reason can be summed up in one word.
In all my craziness today I did one thing right (well more than one but, I'm trying to make a big point here) I made phone calls and emailed and asked for help.  I asked for help with the party and they responded.  Then I delegated the responsibilities among all who volunteered and what do you know?  It's all taken care of.  Now I just have to show up and make sure it all goes smoothly.  Which it will because I have great faith in my team of volunteers.   Life gets out of control sometimes with family, careers, and the general events that life blows our way.  Before you jump in and feel it all spinning out of control.  Think about who is on your team?  It might even be someone you barely know.  Never be afraid to ask for help and delegate responsibilities.  The works with home tasks as well, such as laundry; dishes; carpooling; cleaning.  I can go on and on.  You get the idea.  The fact is that you can be Wonder Woman when you use the right tools and delegate the responsibilities most people with respect you for taking charge.  We have to live all aspects of our lives that way.  Take charge and use those who are willing to back you up.  Everyone will come out on top and best of all have a great time doing it.

posted on: 11/1/2007 10:00:00 AM by Julie Verleger
category: Homes

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Home Organizing, Week By Week

by Julie Verleger

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About Julie:

Julie Verleger is the founder of Organized Home, Inc. "Organizing is in my DNA. Both my parents were teachers and my father served in the Marines" The "inherited organizer" specializes in the home, office, relocation and downsizing. Organized Home, Inc. services West Michigan and the Chicago area. Julie lives in Grand Rapids Michigan with her husband and 3 children.

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