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Blog: Healthy Wealthy Organizers
Life is not a stress rehearsal

When is the last time you had some fun? I mean the kind that keeps a smile on your face for at least 30 minutes! I don't know about you but I can get so involved in a project or goal that I forget to come up for air!  And I can always tell that I need to take a break and enjoy myself when the idea of taking a break to enjoy myself annoys me. 
It's as important as any function in your business to take time to have some fun.  It ignites your energy and motivation - it's a vital nutrient for your success support system. 
I've designated June as Give Yourself the Gift of Energy Month for busy women professionals and entrepreneurs and we're kicking off with energy and motivation "done for you" tips with my interview with "funpreneur" Mary Boisselle of Ace of Dates (www.aceofdates.com ).  Mary is also a professional organizer and founder and CEO of My Concierge - she's been taking care of people for the past 14 years! 
We're going to inspire you with simple ideas for making fun an essential ingredient of your self-care support system. 
We'll be talking about. . .
  Where do we find time for good old fashioned fun in our stressed and stuffed lives?
  How can we connect with the people in our lives both new relationships and the tried and true?
  How can we keep those connections fresh over time?
  What are the experiences and moments that tie people closer together?
  How can I clear my plate so I'll have time for connections and the things I want to do?
  What are the essential elements for a great date?
  5 great date ideas that are simple and affordable

Ask yourself this question am I having fun yet?  Life is short.  Life is a pain in the butt too sometimes.  Find out how to create energy and abundant motivation everywhere in your life you'll enjoy this call!

Go to www.yourlifeinorder.com and click on the "Teleclass" tab for all the info!