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Blog: Two Cups of Intention, a Pinch of Motivation....The Goals of Work and Life
Dirty Cars Are No Way to Start Mondays

For all of you with dirty cars, take heart. Even the professionals have trouble!
Sunny Schlenger, in her book Organizing for the Spirit, talks about how broken agreements cause pain and low self-esteem. Broken agreements is another way to say unfinished goals.
For example, I say to myself, it seems like way too often, "I'm going to wash the car this weekend." 7 times out of 10, I do not wash the car over the weekend. That means that the next time I get in the car, notice how dirty it looks to me, I remind myself that I did not wash the car.
Then I start a monologue to myself about how I really ought to make more time for myself, that I shouldn't keep frittering away the weekend with too much work, blah, blah, blah. Not a great way to start on a Monday.
According to Sunny, there are three solutions for broken agreements:
1. Complete the task.
2. Don't make these agreements in the first place.
3. Renegotiate the agreement.
My personal favorite is number 3, renegotiate. Okay, the car is a bit dirty for my own personal taste. The clean part of me says: why don't you wash the car next weekend? The busy part of me says: why don't you tolerate a dirty car? We are renegotiating!
[See my first blog entry for more about how to acknowledge the multi-faceted parts of yourself. In case any of you are worried, this is not an exercise in developing multiple personalities. It's actually an empowering technique for confidence and clarity.]
Having too many broken agreements is like having too much clutter. Or like having a broken pot that you try to cook with. They get in the way. They make your soup impossible to make. They make you feel down. It's easy to say that you'll never create another goal for yourself, that you never get things done anyway, so why bother? Your soup always turns out badly, so why keep cooking?
This is when having too many goals is detrimental. Try renegotiating your broken agreements so that you can succeed, that you can make progress. I'll be washing the car in April.

posted on: 11/4/2007 9:30:00 AM by Liz Farrell
category: Time Management

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Two Cups of Intention, a Pinch of Motivation....The Goals of Work and Life

by Liz Farrell

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I'm Liz Farrell and I write the Setting Goals blog for www.Onlineorganizing.com. The blog helps people set, work towards, and achieve goals. I know from my organizing business (started in 2004) that many people feel like someone else controls their lives. Setting goals will help you avoid this feeling. Prior to being a professional organizer, I lived in London and organized events. I am also in the process of becoming a Mom through adoption. You can contact me by clicking on "Contact This Blogger" on my blog page.

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