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Blog: It's good to be back!
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Why don'ft you write yourself? I am riddled with too many things that take my focus. I am, like most of my clients, easily distractible. I compound that by saying guh-huh I can do thath or offering advice that gets me involved in the action quite often.
I am not complaining, because I truly enjoy doing lots of different things but when they all come due in the same 3 week period I thinkcgare you serious?h. This week will be one of those weekscmany different threads of tasks, deadlines and busy work are all on completely different topics and completely due!
At the same time I have my family very much front of mind. My dad is literally wasting away before my eyes and had a very bad fall last week. I have been following Ramona Creelfs (one the top professional organizers and very respected women in my industry please visit her at www.ramonacreel.com) account of losing her mother suddenly, I mean with in a few months, being 38 she expresses how she feels gorphanedh. I find myself talking differently about what my future holds with my parents and even how my relationship with sisters will surely be strained. I wonder if we are strong enough to walk through it all together without pulling off too many scabs from our childhood mostly based in random meaningless sister bickering. Realizing we are all at different stations in our lives will require some care and navigation not to mention mutual respect. I get a little bitter because I feel like am I really dealing with this at 36?
So sorrow seems to always be lurking like that banana peelcnot sure if leaving in a few weeks in Arkansas is going to be a good idea or not. Never mind that my husband and I have not had a vacation together alone since Owen was born when we left for New Years 2005. I worry that this trip will be like many others we have taken in our time together where we leave only to find Dad was rushed to the hospital in our absence and theyeve been trying to get a hold of us. Dad is having a procedure Tuesday to fix two fractures in his lower back.
Then I shrug it offcit will be fine. We have lots of time left together. I move on to the next little emergency my brain brings forth. The radio show content for Tues. My riding lessons for Wednesday. Thursdayfs blog. Womenfs conference stuff. Arkansas trip packing list and instructions for the boys. Submitting to the call for speakers deadline Sept. 30. Renewing my NARHA membership this week. Sanding with Jaime on Tuesday. Baylorfs Birthday Thursday! The decorating class and AUM class material! AGGHHHH!!!
I find myself walking around the house one end to the other contemplating where I should start next. Frustrated I get angry because I should have been more organized!
When I was in high school I attended a performing arts school for art. I was always told by my teacher Bee Lee and Patsy to work AROUND the page. That phrase comes to mind as I walk down the hallway for the 25th time wondering if I want to bust out the fall clothes under the bed and get them hung up or not. I SHOULD vacuum again today to stay ahead but it can wait until tomorrow. I gained control on Thursday and I intend to keep it a week at least, right?
This week I am going to stick to working around the page every daycI have so much going on and must force myself to focus. And as a continued theme for this blogcno matter what is going on in my life I must always remember to appreciate my NOW. And right now my little all boy family is dancing in celebration that the floor of my sonfs new tree house is nearly complete!! My heart warms at the thought of how lucky I am! And then there is that new kid thing we keep tossing around. Our lives could be different this time next year for sure. In many ways. Canft worry about that now. Back to focusc
I will handle everything as it comes, one day at a time. I canft worry with all of lifefs what ifs all at once. No one can! Ifm just trying to get some stuff done today not discover the meaning of life, right?
Anywaycmy point is Ifm distracted today. I have reached joy in my life at a level most folks donft get to. I think the uneasiness I feel today is knowing adversity is always lurking around waiting to test my flexibility. I will get it all donecI always do. Just shake it off, focus and keep working around my page. See? It workedcit filled itself up!!! How do you eat an elephant? ONE- BITE- AT -A TIME

posted on: 9/30/2010 2:00:00 PM by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

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It's good to be back!

by Melissa Searcy

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About Melissa:

Melissa Searcy is a professional organizer and independent decorator now living in Jasper, AL. Formerly of Montgomery, Melissa owns Lulagrace Interiors where she was a regularly featured guest on morning television and had articles featured in the local newspaper and many local monthly publications. For more information you may visit her at www.lulagrace.com. Melissa is also a member of the Facebook community at Facebook.com/melissa.searcy or on Twitter at Twitter.com/LulagracePO.

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