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Blog: Let Feng Shui Make A Difference In Your Life
Sensual Serenity - Feng Shui in the Bedroom

When you look in your bedroom, what does it say to you? Keep in mind master bedrooms are meant for sleeping, reading, reflecting, romancing and recharging your batteries!  It's not a place for exercise equipment, work related items, or storage.  As you begin to transform the space, keep in mind the following points.
- Mirrors
- Tends to wake the energy up
- One or less per bedroom
- Careful with sectioned glass; placement is important as you don't want it to   distort your imagine.
- Bed
- Should not be in the direct path of the door or looking directly into a bathroom
- Allow energy to flow under and around your bed by keeping it open and clear at all times.
- Furnishings
- Your art creates a strong impact What does it say about your intimate relationship?
- Should not be busy
- Eliminate heavy objects over the bed and pointy furnishings
- Encourage equality and unity with the night stands
- Limit family pictures
- Select wood over metal for a bed
- Solid headboard and solid wall behind will give you support
- TV
- Best to not have in the bedroom
- If you do, have it in a cabinet with doors or place something over the top of it when not in use.
- Make sure you don't fall asleep with it on (what is it feeding you when your asleep?)
- Color
- Make it cozy
- Best colors are found in the skin tones of all races Pearly beiges and tans, creamy cocoas, blushing pinks, subtle yellows, pale violets, and earthy reds
- Also wide variety of warm colors coral, chocolate, butter cream, terra-cotta, cinnabar, raspberry, aubergine, burgundy, copper, gold, and bronze
- Pure white, gray, black, blues and gray greens can create a gorgeous look, but when they dominate, they make the room too chilly to be sensual.
- Closets
- Realize your closet represents your life
- Take everything out; paint it a bright, wonderful color that will make you sing!
- PURGE everything that doesn't fit or make you feel wonderful
- Only put things back that represents who you are now
- Not a place for extra storage - If you don't use every day, find another home
- Put all your short sleeve shirts by color - whites, blues, greens, etc.  Put them darkest to lightest
- Put all your long sleeve shirts by color
- Put all your jeans or slacks by color
- When organizing your closet, flip the hanger around.  As you do laundry, put them away like you normally do.  At the end of each season, you will know what you've worn and what you haven't - PURGE what you didn't wear!
- Keep a donation container in your closet - When something doesn't fit or is uncomfortable, you can place it in the container.  When the container is full - DONATE!!!
- Shoes should all be facing out in the same direction (pointing your shoes in represents closed opportunities, pointing shoes out represents open opportunities).  Keep all dress shoes together, casual together, etc. 
- Contain & Label - Scarves, belts, hats, etc
- Love & Marriage Section of Bagua Map
- Back right hand corner of your home
- Enhanced by pink, red, mirrors, candles, hot tub, fresh flowers, sensual sounds, symbols that mean love to you, equality, and pictures of lover or type of relationship you seek, romantic mementoes, items in pairs lovers, doves, hearts, candles, etc.
- Avoid Negative images, frigid or unfriendly items, single stuff, games, uncleanliness, withering or dead stuff, storage, distractions
As you make the needed changes in your master bedroom, make sure you have set your intentions.  It can be as simple as framing a statement that says "I always have loving and supporting people by my side" or creating a montage of your ideal relationship.  Make sure you have them visible and framed to add meaning.  As you stand in your new master bedroom space, what does it say to you now? 
I send you blessings for a fruitful week.  

posted on: 11/16/2007 2:30:00 PM by Melinda Smith
category: General organizing Tips

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Let Feng Shui Make A Difference In Your Life

by Melinda Smith

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Melinda is an outside of the box thinker and knows there is more than one way to love a cat. She has been married to her high school sweetie for 18 years (but doesn't look it) and has two adorable children, 11 and 7 yrs. old. The famly is complete with an extremely large cat to love called Watson Lucky. Check out my website for more information.

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