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Blog: Two Cups of Intention, a Pinch of Motivation....The Goals of Work and Life
Quick, Easy, Powerful Way to Prioritize

Here is a wonderful tool for helping prioritize your goals. One of the fastest ways to burn out on goals is to have too many. Choosing one or two can be very difficult. This exercise makes it plain and simple. It was originally shown to me by a local business coach, and more recently by Harold Stolovitch, a performance consultant in Los Angeles (www.hsa-lps.com).
It's called paired comparison. If you put "paired comparison" in a search engine, you'll come up with a variety of presentations on the way to do this. www.mindtools.com has a good one (put paired comparison in their search function on the top of their homepage).
  Renovate bathroom Start Pilates class Join Book Club Find new Dentist
Renovate bathroom        
Start Pilates class        
Join Book Club        
Find new Dentist        
Here are a set of 5 goals. Create a chart like this with 5 (or as many as you want) goals. Write them in as column headings and as row headings.
The boxes with the gray are not meant to be filled in. Leave them blank.
Go through the white boxes, looking at the column heading and the row heading, and make a choice as to which is more important to you. "Start Pilates Class" versus "Renovate Bathroom" is the first box. If you choose Pilates, write that in the box.
When you're finished comparing, add up the number of times each goal appears in the white boxes. Let's say that:
Start Pilates Class = 3 times
Join Book Club = once
Find New Dentist = once
Renovate Bathroom = 0.
You have your priorities!

posted on: 11/18/2007 9:30:00 AM by Liz Farrell
category: Time Management

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Two Cups of Intention, a Pinch of Motivation....The Goals of Work and Life

by Liz Farrell

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I'm Liz Farrell and I write the Setting Goals blog for www.Onlineorganizing.com. The blog helps people set, work towards, and achieve goals. I know from my organizing business (started in 2004) that many people feel like someone else controls their lives. Setting goals will help you avoid this feeling. Prior to being a professional organizer, I lived in London and organized events. I am also in the process of becoming a Mom through adoption. You can contact me by clicking on "Contact This Blogger" on my blog page.

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