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Blog: My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving
Stave Off Clutter in 2008

Now that the holidays are over, here are some tips to get the year off to a good start, organizationally.
Put everything away right away.
Why leave the wrapping paper leaning in the corner of the dining room when putting it down in the basement today gets it out of sight for the entire year?
Put seasonal things in deeper storage than everyday things.
If you have resolved not to bake one more thing until next Christmas, special bakeware the rolling pin, the cookie cutters, the Santa Claus cake pan can all be stored out of the way in the attic or basement or garage. Be sure to keep things you use at the same time together and label them well. You'll probably be in a hurry when you start baking next year.
Find a place to keep all your gifts (as well as the things you bought for yourself during holiday shopping!)
When designating a place, think about how often you will use the item:
If it's an item you will use every day, it can be stored on a table or counter or shelf that is out in the open.
If it's an item you will use once a month or so, such as our new tripod, it can be stored in a drawer or cabinet that's located in the area where you will use it in this case with the other photography equipment.
If it's an item you will use a few times a year or less, such as our new crank radio, you can store the item deeper in the attic or behind other more frequently used things in the pantry. It's important to keep seldom used things grouped with like items (the crank radio goes with emergency equipment like candles, matches, bottled water, first-aide kit, etc.) This way you are more likely to find it when you need it.
If you are not sure how you will use some of your new acquisitions or even if you will use them leave them in clear view for a week or so while you figure it out. If February rolls around and the things have still not found a logical home and have remained unused, they have turned into clutter and need to be purged from your house.
Some items will find their own place. Sometimes things seem to resist going back into their designated space. Usually this means the item and its place do not complement each other. For instance, if the family leaves the box of Milk-bones on the kitchen counter after giving the dog a treat instead of putting it back in the pantry behind the cereal, well, maybe it's time to get the dog her own cookie jar. Or maybe it's time to put the dog on a diet.
Happy New Year!

posted on: 1/4/2008 1:30:00 PM by Ginny Gassman
category: Moving

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My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving

by Ginny Gassman

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About Ginny:

Ginny Gassman is the owner of Tidy Cove, LLC, which provides professional organizing services for the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Tidy Cove publishes a free organizing tips newsletter.

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