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Blog: An Organization Diet -- Lose the clutter and drop the weight
Getting your cards lined up to lose clutter & pounds!

The Organization Diet is here! Lose the Clutter, Drop the Weight! Okay everyone, the moment of truth is here! If you are going to partake in this on-line version of my 'becoming very popular' Organization Diet © program, I would love to hear from you (are you enjoying the program, struggling with issues, having success, etc.). Please contact me and/or other participants reading this weekly blog by posting a comment and/or emailing me directly at .  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I have tested the program out only on a limited number of focus group participants…but I'd like to expand the number of guinea pigs (including me!) with all of you! Don't worry, it doesn't hurt…it's just a systematic approach to dealing with food, just as we will with clutter. Working on them both together will make them easier to handle and form a longer lasting impact on our lives!
    Each week, you should make sure you log onto this blog where you will receive that week's 'assignments' to incorporate into your daily life. TODAY, you should plan on stepping on the scale and recording your starting weight!  Every Tuesday, thereafter, step on the scale and keep a record of your weight loss progress.
     Also, a fun part of my program is the use of 3x5 index cards. Please purchase a stack of cards and an inexpensive index file to be used throughout the program. These cards will serve as your daily reminders for your weekly goals! There will be SEVEN assignments to think about. If that's too much for you, then knock off one of the organizing cards and one of the diet cards each week…although I urge you to try the 'complete' program. I assure you, it's really not hard. And the results you see and feel even after one week will motivate you to keep going!!!
     WEEK ONE: The Water Card. We need to drink ample water! On one index card, write the words 'Water Pitcher' OR write the word 'Water' on 8 different index cards.  If you choose to use the 'Water Pitcher' card, you will take this card out of your file box every morning and place it on your kitchen counter. Fill up a water pitcher with water, ice and lemon, lime or orange slices (equivalent to 8- 8oz glasses of water). Throughout the day, at home or at work, when you have finished drinking up all the water in the pitcher you can put the index card back into your file box until tomorrow. If you choose to use the eight individual cards, you should take all 8 cards out, place them on your counter or desk and put one card back at a time, for each glass of water you drink. When you have consumed all 8 glasses of water for the day, tuck all 8 cards back into your file box so they are ready to use again in the morning.
     The Vegetable Cards: On three different index cards, write the word 'Vegetable' in big letters. Keep these cards out as a reminder to start eating 3 servings of vegetable every day. After you eat a serving, you may place the card back into the card file until all 3 are used up by the end of the day.
    The Fruit Cards: Write the word 'Fruit' in big letters on 2 index cards. These will be reminders to consume at least 2 fruits every day.  
    Daily Exercise Card. On yet another file card, write the words: Daily exercise. Underneath that, you can write the following choices you have per day: 10 minutes: rebounder or trampoline bouncing or running in place, 20-30 minutes: walking, 45+minutes: other cardio activities: biking, swimming, etc. The idea is that this card will stay out on your counter or desk until you get out and exercise. Then you can tuck it into your file box for the next day.
     So, you get the picture of how THE ORGANIZATION DIET works. A neat and compact, easy to use system of 'organizing food, exercise, and organizational projects', using 3x5 file cards! How easy!
      Now…moving on to your organizing assignments for the week, these will be referred to as your 'pit stop project' for the week.
     Pit Stop Organizing Project Card. On your first pit stop project card for this week, you will write the words: Refrigerator Makeover! We simply can't start an effective diet program with a cluttered refrigerator of junky foods! So, this week, let's clear out, clean out, scrub out, and re-organize our kitchen refrigerators! Plan a day this week to get the job done and take out the index card on that day as a reminder to get it done!Toss the junk food. If you have the time, work on clearing out your pantry too! We need to start with a clean slate. It will help us adhere to a diet so much easier! Organized food leads to organizing meals, which leads to healthier choices! I promise you that you will feel so good by the end of this week…you'll see what I mean!
     Clutter Critter Card of the week: Each week, I will assign you a new 'clutter critter' (a clutter item probably lurking in your home) to get rid of! This week, your clutter critter to exterminate is: Excess Shopping Bags! That's right…I'll allow you keep just 10 of those pesky plastic shopping bags that seem to multiply in our kitchens! There is no need any average family needs more than that each week!
      Daily Toss Card: On another index card, write the words "Daily Toss 10" and make an effort EVERY DAY, to toss out 10 clutter items in your home. Things you really don't need, want or love anymore. Could be extra pens and pencils, old socks, old cosmetics, paperwork on your desk…just get moving on it today…10 things, everyday!
    So that's it for now! You've got your ORGANIZATION DIET directions for week one! Follow along and please share your comments with me! I look forward to hearing from you! Don't forget to weigh in today and gather your file cards and an index file box to help you get started. It's going to be fun…and just wait till you witness the clutter and weight disappear from your life! It's amazing! Smile

posted on: 1/8/2008 12:30:00 PM by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

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An Organization Diet -- Lose the clutter and drop the weight

by Lisa Lelas

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