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Blog: My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving
Joie de Vivre

There's a problem with over-organization and it's a biggy.

The problem is not just with organization, but with everything that goes with it -- everything I preach-- including focus, productivity, lists, plans, all that stuff.

Here it is: If you get too good at it, it can suck the joy right out of your life. You see, something nasty can happen when you become the Super Successful and Organized Project Manager. You plan so much, you lose your spontaneity. You focus so hard on productivity, you forget to do things that aren't in your project plan.

Heck, I hope fun isn't in your project plan. Putting fun in a task list makes it something else-- misery maybe? It's the same kind of fun that happens when the human resources manager at your company gets the great idea to take you and all your co-workers to Greeley Park for a hootenanny. Maybe it would have been fun when you were 8 years old, but at 47 it's just painful.
Back to my point: During all the weeks of this blog so far,  I've been admonishing and cajoling you --  my unseen audience -- about clearing clutter, planfully packing, checklisting and checking lists, leading teams and assessing progress.

Well, here's something completely different.

Remember to enjoy yourself. Do a few things off plan. Ice fish with the team. Fill the birdfeeder. Play with the dogs. Cross-country ski to the workplace. And never, ever, ever, feel guilty on a snow day.
Yes, you want to be organized. You've got a  big project and you need to stay motivated and on plan. But remember that life speeds by. You can't get any time back. At this point in your career as an organized person, you should be confident enough in your skills and your will to complete your project, that a little fun will not derail all you have done.
So, enjoy. Enjoy today.

posted on: 1/18/2008 1:30:00 PM by Ginny Gassman
category: Moving

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My New Home -- An Organizer's Adventure in Building, Selling, Moving

by Ginny Gassman

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Ginny Gassman is the owner of Tidy Cove, LLC, which provides professional organizing services for the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Tidy Cove publishes a free organizing tips newsletter.

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