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Blog: Helping Kids Become Organized
The ABC's of Organizing Kids: Q is for Quick Organizing Tips for your Kids Bedroom

Helping your kids keep their room clean can be a challenge at any age but especially when they are young and we won't even talk about the teen age years.  Here are some tips for when they are younger and we can only hope that they can still remember some of them by the time the hit puberty. 

The closets: 
• Use two levels of hanging where possible so that the clothes will be in easy reach for children to both reach to take them out and to put them back.  You can use the lower rack for the current season and the top for the off season. 
• Separate types of clothing such as pants, shirts, dresses, or whatever makes sense for you child.  Allow children to make dividers that can be hooked over the rod in between sections.  These dividers can be made out of card stock or fun foam and can be decorated however the child wishes or to match the room dιcor.
• Colored hangers can also be helpful to separate different children's clothes or just to add to the dιcor of the room.
• For younger children, use baskets to hold things like shoes or toys like balls so that they are all together.

• Use drawer dividers wherever you can.  Even if they are shoe boxes inside drawers or other ways to section them.  There are many inexpensive products available to separate drawers.  They will make a world of difference in keeping piles of clothing in a drawer divided.
• Use sock dividers.  There are also many sock divider products out there from keeping them in rows to putting each pair in their own section.  If nothing else you can use bins to keep colors or type of socks separated.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is for children to maintain their clothes in drawers this way.

• First, your child needs a book shelf in their room.  Reading is one thing they will hopefully be doing a lot of.  Having books around them is a great message to them about the importance of books.  Second, is help them with where and how to put them on the shelf.  Allow for plenty of room to grow.  They will be adding books to their shelf pretty consistently.  If you have enough book shelves in the room, review the books for age appropriateness when they become full and move those that are no longer applicable to a younger child in the house or someone you would like to donate them to.
• Label shelves as necessary to help your child know where to put which books.

• For very young children, use labeled, colorful and open bins located at a low level are good for toys.  They are easy to access and use.  At this age, lids can be difficult to get off and sometimes even pinch their fingers.
• As they get a little older, I like to use clear bins that can be labeled as needed.  Choosing bins that are clear makes them much easier to see and use.  Bins should have lids that snap on securely and stack well.  You can even label the containers by putting a section of the original toy box inside the clear container on the visible side of the box.  A box with toys, puzzles, games, etc. can be easily removed and used and then put back on the shelf.
• Keep a bin just for those miscellaneous toys that are always lying around.  The trick in any organizing area is to limit the amount of anything you keep to a particular container or area.  When that area or container is full; then it is time to review and purge or make a conscious decision to add another container.

posted on: 1/28/2008 9:00:00 AM by Rosanne Larkins
category: Family

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Helping Kids Become Organized

by Rosanne Larkins

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