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Blog: An Organization Diet -- Lose the clutter and drop the weight
Clean Closets help your waistline!

  Well, how do you feel?? Did you manage to get all those clutter hot spot fires out in your home this past week? Don't worry if you still have more piles or clutter bins that need sorting…review your calendar and pick a day this week to continue working on them. When you finally look into that clean and empty corner of the room where the stack of boxes or bins used to be you will feel energized, trust me! We all need to learn to let go of things. We keep way too much 'stuff' in our homes, which only have so much square footage. If you keep bringing in without taking stuff out you will be begin getting crowded with clutter, a rising stress level, lack of sleep and you'll start putting on weight again! So, if you don't absolutely LOVE something or NEED something because it has a household use, please let go of it. Donate it or just throw it out! Don't forget to use your Daily Toss 10 card everyday of this program, whereby you need to find 10 things during your day (whether a magazine, an old pair of shoes or desktop paper, etc) to throw away!

   And keep those emails coming! I enjoy reading and responding to you personally. Many have shared huge successes so far, from pounds and inches lost to more energy gained from starting to see through the clutter in your home! Congratulations. Please keep me informed with how you are doing! If anybody has just found this blog and is just starting the program with us, I would suggest reading through the 'previous blogs' section after this post to get caught up with the program. I love feedback from you, as this is part research for a new book that I'm writing. As you might remember, my very first book SIMPLE STEPS: 10 Weeks To Getting Control Of Your Life was filled with actual stories of focus group participants like you! And don't forget, my Simple Steps Calendar is still on sale throughout the rest of January, so order yours today!

    Okay…ready set, let's start Week #4 of The Organization Diet®. Open your journals (hopefully you took my suggestion last week and started keeping a diet journal) and log in your weight for today. I would also log in how you are feeling since your home is beginning to look better (that always inspires me to keep going if my weight didn't drop too much!). You should have your 16 base cards out right now on your counter or desk (yes there are now 16 base cards because we added a permanent 'meal planning' card, remember?) You know the drill…you can't put the individual cards back until you complete the task (when you eat a fruit, you can put away one of the fruit cards, etc.). You should already be feeling better just by the simple adjustments recommended for your diet: drinking 8 glasses of water everyday and now eating your daily five servings of fruits and veggies. I know for me, the only time I seem to eat enough fruits and veggies is when I jump back on this card system! These cards simply hold you accountable. And the best part is, when I eat my 2 fruits (sometimes purely to get them off my counter!) I have less of an appetite for junk foods, because fruit can be filling, especially when eaten with one of your water servings!

   This week's Pit stop project card will be: Clean your Master Closet! And, just in case you happen to already have a perfectly clean closet, then you will work on your kids closet or another closet of your choice. The great thing about this program is the fact that you can modify it to suit your needs. If there is a project that does not apply to you, simply work on a similar project. We're continuing down the same path of de-cluttering, either way. So pick a morning or afternoon this week (right now!) and highlight it on your calendar as the day you will clear out your closet…empty it out, discard old clothes, give-away clothes that no longer fit and re-organize it! It will feel so empowering, I'm willing to bet that you all will lose another pound this week! Let me know your progress, and please don't forget to take some before and after pit stop project photos to paste into your diet journal and email to me, too, of course! ()

   A new category is being introduced this week: Your second challenge for the week, right after your pit stop project.

Your Challenge Card for this week: GET MORE SLEEP!

Research has proven that ALL of us with weight to lose are simply NOT getting enough sleep! When we don't get ample sleep, our bodies crave bad carbs throughout the day as a survival mechanism…which makes it tough or impossible to maintain a healthy diet! So, starting tonight, get to sleep earlier!!

   And finally, your clutter critter card for this week's extermination: Extra Clothes Hangers! Many closets have way too many hangers cluttering the rod! Remove all those wire hangers (not good for your clothes anyway) and give them back to your local dry cleaner. Create a basket on a closet shelf or even at the end of the clothes rod if you have the room to gather all extra hangers. Old, drooping, bent hangers should be discarded. My favorite investment to my closet has been all matching wooden hangers. (Wooden hangers are very affordable these days thanks to stores like Target, Walmart and Ikea!). In each of my daughters closets, we use all matching 'huggable hangers' from Home Shopping Network. (I like them in kids closets because clothes don't fall to the floor when they tug on them deciding what to wear for school…and they come in great colors to coordinate with their bedrooms).

   So get busy! You've got closets to clean and hangers to exterminate…and I want you to get a good night sleep so that you continue using the dietary cards without a problem! Good luck, happy organizing and keep the pounds coming off! Don't forget to drop me an email this week to let me know how you're doing! Smile

posted on: 1/29/2008 12:30:00 PM by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

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An Organization Diet -- Lose the clutter and drop the weight

by Lisa Lelas

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About Lisa:

Lisa Lelas is an author, life coach, professional organizer and speaker on the subject of simplifying, enhancing and organizing one's life. The owner of Life Styling, in Guilford, on the Connecticut Shoreline, Lisa has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, the Today Show, NBC news, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and more. She is the creator/host of the country's first daily talk radio feature "The Organizing Minute" and has come to be known in New England as "the organizing lady" from her many regular segments on local TV network affiliates, radio & the press. Lisa is the author of the bestselling 'Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life', 'Simple Steps for Every Holiday', Simple Steps Audio-book (6 CD set), an all new Simple Steps wall calendar 2008, and creator of a retail line of floral hand painted and collaged organizing bins called 'Blooming Bins'. Lisa lives in Guilford, CT with her husband, John, two daughters, Lindsay 10 and Lexy 8 and her very spoiled, very cute maltese dog, Daisy!

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