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The Organized Entrepreneur by Shana Prichard

     Finding Calm Amid the Chaos

This blog will cover organizing issues facing small business owners. Frequent topics include organizing and managing financial data, general filing systems, streamlining workflow processes and office efficiency. Shana's philosophy on small business organizing is that when a company is organized and in control of the details, it is more profitable, less stressful and provides the highest level of customer service.

Latest Posts:

Paper Hoarding

Although I rarely watch TV at night, I have anxiously awaited the new A&E series on Hoarders which premiered last night. Based on all the comments about it on Facebook this morning, it looks as though the whole world was watching.  The focus of the show was on how hoarding affects the home and family life of people who suffer from this debilitating problem.  As the hoarders on the show talked about the thought patterns that lead them to keep everything (even rotten pumpkins!), it struck me how much they sounded like business owners defending the decision to hold onto old documents and emails.   In case you also watched the show and are as motivated to clean as I am this morning, here are some basic questions to ask...


posted on: 8/18/2009 10:01:03 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Three Special Steps . . .

This summer, my 4 and 5 year olds became enthralled with a new cartoon called "Special Agent Oso". Basically, it is Panda Bear meets James Bond meets pre-school -- and they absolutely love it.  The general premise is that Special Agent Oso helps kids who are trying to learn to do something new, like dress themselves or wrap a birthday present, by breaking the task down into three special steps.  I've had the theme song stuck in my head since June.  Ugh. As the beginning of the school year gets closer and closer, I have been spending a lot of time talking to my 5 year old about all the things kids who go to "big school" should do for themselves clean their rooms, empty their lunch box, put dirty clothes in the hamper,...


posted on: 8/9/2009 10:24:44 PM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Top Ten Clues You Might Need An Organizer . . .

  You Might Need An Organizer If . . .   1.    The new guy in maintenance called 911 because he thought your office had been   vandalized. 2.    Last Christmas, your assistant, best friend and spouse each gave you a copy of "Organizing for Dummies". 3.    You find yourself working in your children's playroom instead of the home office because it seems so peaceful in there. 4.    When showing new clients around your office, you take your name badge off your desk and call it the "storage room". 5.     You secretly believe in the organizing fairy. 6.     The piles of...


posted on: 4/6/2009 7:31:10 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Make Room For Something Amazing

Last night, I was having trouble sleeping. I picked up my copy of "Simple Abundance a Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach and it flipped open to the entry for May 16.  Before I could turn to the correct date, the following paragraph caught my attention. There is an ancient metaphysical law that says if we desire more abundance in our lives we must create a vacuum to allow ourselves to receive the good we seek.  How can more good come into our lives if there is no room for it?  The way we create the vacuum is by giving away what we no longer need or desire but what can serve others. Initially, I thought, "Wow, if I was a residential organizer I would send this out to everyone in my database. ...


posted on: 3/31/2009 6:25:55 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

(Not) Saved By The Bell

We learned as children to obey the sound of a bell. The clanging sound of a bell determined whether or not we were tardy at the beginning of the school day.  Another bell announced that the school day was over and play time had begun.  Teachers, and even other children, expected us to respond immediately to a bell.  We received positive reinforcement for obeying the bell and there were consequences when we failed to do so.  This phenomenon even continued at home in the evening.  One of the mothers on my childhood street who would step out on her front porch and ring the most obnoxious bell every night at 6:00 PM to call her kids home for dinner.  As adults, there are fewer "bells" controlling our schedule...


posted on: 3/9/2009 6:22:57 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Blame It On "Natural Law"

In my first few sessions with an organizational coaching client, I always ask them to write down three recent opportunities they missed or problems they had to deal with resulting from disorganization and chaos in their daily life. Although this is an informal process, I do believe it is very important to stop and assess why you care about getting organized.  We all enjoy the visual appearance of an organized space, but that is rarely the motivation behind serious, committed change of organizational habits.  The real motivation is to avoid pain and frustration or achieve a previously blocked goal.  Once I understand what is driving the client's desire for improved organizing skills, I am better able to construct an...


posted on: 3/1/2009 10:05:47 PM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Who Cares if Your Business is Organized?

Organizing is one of the latest trends. It is hard to pick up a business or lifestyle magazine without reading an article about getting organized.  Unfortunately, these articles rarely address the important issue of "why".  Why be organized?  What do you hope to gain?  In a time of economic challenges, prudent managers and business owners should not invest their time or budget dollars into "getting organized" without a clear understanding of why.  The answer is fairly simple.  Good organizing strategies benefit your customers, your staff, and yourself. Be Organized for Your Customers

  •       Image Matters - The appearance of being well...


posted on: 2/26/2009 6:48:50 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business


Sometimes I find that certain items will linger on my to-do list a bit too long. The "lingerers" tend to be things I don't want to do, don't know how to do, or lack control in some way necessary to complete the task.  Whatever the reason, they get put on list with the greatest of intentions and then . . . After these to-do's have sat on my list for a while, they start to distract me and erode my energy and motivation.  No matter how successful and productive my day was, there was just that one little thing I didn't finish.  Yesterday, I knocked one of these things off my list.  After several weeks of trying to recruit an Assistant Organizer, I finally made a hiring decision and the sense of relief is...


posted on: 12/2/2008 11:36:57 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Act As If . . .

Perhaps I am borrowing a little too heavily from Jack Canfield, but all of the Halloween activities this week have inspired me to ponder what would happen if all small business owners started to "dress up" and act as if they had already attained all of their organizational goals. When my three year old son puts on his fireman jacket with his little badge and plastic fire extinguisher, he really experiences the feeling of being a big, strong firefighter riding a noisy red truck all over my house.  In that moment, he is confident and brave.  What would happen if we walked into a meeting pretending to be totally organized, well prepared and not the least bit rushed or scattered?  What if we approached our desk as though it...


posted on: 10/30/2008 10:54:24 PM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

Yield Sign Versus Parking Lot

Have you ever been behind a driver who comes to a full stop at a yield sign and just sits there? They cause confusion and frustration for the drivers behind them, and can sometimes even cause an accident.  Now, I have never had a lot of patience, and in the past I have shouted a few choice words when trapped behind a pokey driver.  However, I am currently in the car seats and station wagon stage of my life and have had to clean up my act.  These days, I am more likely to shout something like "It's a yield sign not a parking lot!" It occurred to me this week while helping a client with inbox overload, that a great deal of disorganization is the result of using a yield sign as a parking lot.  Inboxes (both paper...


posted on: 10/25/2008 8:30:00 AM  by Shana Prichard
category: Business

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About Shana:

Shana M. Prichard, MBA owns realign, llc, a professional organizing firm. realign, llc provides small business organizing services including filing system design/implementation, desk and time management and QuickBooks set up and training. realign, llc also provides home-office organizing services to individuals.

Shana's Website:


What I'm Reading . . .

  • "Raising Financially Fit Kids", Joline Godfrey
    Common sense ideas and insight into raising kids who are wll-prepared to manage their own finances as young adults.
  • "The Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be" by Jack Canfield
    This book really got me excited about pursuing my goals and growing my business. There is a heavier emphasis on materialism than what I am comfortable with, but overall this is an inspiring book.
  • "The Organized Executive", by Stephanie Winston
  • "No B.S. Time Management for Enterpreneurs" by Dan Kennedy

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