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Organizing Kids Of All Ages by Melissa Searcy

This weekly blog will feature tips and solutions for organizing children from the cradle to the dorm room. Suggestions will be made on keeping their toys, clothing, schoolwork, recreational equipment, and more organized as well as ways to help raise organized children.

Latest Posts:

The Call to Simplify

Last week, I made an admission that I could no longer keep it all together myself. That I had lost control of my own house as many of the clients I work with have. I allowed stress, a hectic schedule and a desire to accomplish too much, which was allowing my personal and home life to suffer. I fell three weeks behind on laundry. Now, we just put our house on the market as we have to relocate with my husband's company the end of Spring. That being said, I had to clean and stage our home like a woman possessed. I divided and conquered the stuff and somehow managed to get it done in the last quarter hour before the realtor came to take pictures. Well, the house is on the market and now I have to keep it clean at a moment's notice....


posted on: 3/20/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Curse of the Modern Day Mom

    I find myself in various situations these days, where I ponder how I got so busy. I have overbooked, again, only to try and squeeze by next week by a nose. I look back at the type of mother I had and long for those type of days. Now, I know she worked hard…very hard. But, so many of us do many of the chores our moms did and go to work full time everyday. Whether we are business owners running to and from practice, shopping, school functions and social events or the 9-5 corporate mom who has any many duties to perform in the same period, we all are swamped. So, where did this need to become Supermom come from?           I have to admit, I have long been a fan of That 70's...


posted on: 3/13/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

organizing your own first aid kit

This week, I was able to participate in First Aid/CPR/AED certification training. As I spent the day learning all of the things as a mother I feel I should have already known, it made me think about how prepared we were as a family for a true emergency. I think that it is common for most parents to think that it will never happen to them or help will always be available in the event we do have an unfortunate accident. I wanted to take this week to provide information on organizing your own first aid kit. I now know better and intend to begin assembling my first aid kit immediately. Kits can be purchased at local drug stores or at your local American Red Cross chapter. Make sure you know what items are necessary before purchasing yours....


posted on: 2/21/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Organize Your Morning Routine

I send my two boys to preschool three days a week during the school year in what is commonly called a mother's day out program. . Those three days we do not have to leave until 8:30 but we still run late every single day. Part of the tardiness is my own fault. I suffer from OCD type tendencies and must make the extra trip back into the house to make sure the coffee pot is off and the cats have water. But where I fail before my day even begins if failing to plan the night before. When I take the extra time to lay out my children's clothing, make decisions about what I will pack for lunch, what storage containers I will use and locate everyone's folders, coats and backpacks, I usually have a smooth morning. When I go one step...


posted on: 2/14/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Organizing Your Playroom

Organize Your Playroom For almost every family the scenario is the same. Regardless of age group or content, children's toys seem unmanageable to just about everyone. Whether it is the Lego piece you are tired of stepping on or it is the rest of Polly Pocket's accessories that cannot be found that keep your family in turmoil. They seem to always have a long list ready of what is coming up next. So, take an opportunity to streamline what toys you have on hand. They key to success is simplifying. Unless a child's play area is established and maintained where they can have access to all the various components of that particular type of play, they will be less likely to play with all of their toys. But kids also like to...


posted on: 2/7/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

organize your garage

When you are preparing to take on a garage organizing project you must first start with emptying all contents still in boxes or containers. Bring out all items from within the house that truly belong there or should be housed there for lack of storage inside the home, like bulk groceries and recycling bins. Once completed, sort and combine like items. Determine what is duplicate, damaged, trash or no longer useful. Break garage down into six categories: Gardening and Lawn Equipment Tools and Hardware Automotive Sporting Equipment Miscellaneous Temporary Storage Recycling   You are dividing the wall space into work areas for specific tasks. With the amount of items to stay in the area and preparing for the amount to be...


posted on: 1/24/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Clutter and Creation

Over the holiday my mother was in the hospital for about a 4 week period. I was traveling back and forth to the hospital daily and stayed very late, past my two son's bedtime about three nights a week. While my mother was placed in a wheelchair after breaking her leg, it did not restrict her from cleaning house. Now, for my mother cleaning house is a therapeutic activity. It gives her satisfaction to see everything straight and tidy. She was given a little grabber tool that she was loading and unloading the dishwasher with. This trait of keeping things orderly runs in another sister of mine. The three of us tend to "nest" all the time. I know this has always been somewhat of a thorn in my father's side. He sighs when he puts...


posted on: 1/17/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Condensing Media Collection

Happy New Year! Well, here we are at the beginning of another promising year and a whole new set of resolutions to ponder. One of the most listed is to get organized. We begin the year with really big aspirations only to fall behind mid February and abandon the whole thing. I am as guilty as anyone. Luckily for me I know the release of a clutter free home and a voice inside me says "Just do it" and I somehow do. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of focus. After going over what every one got for Christmas I began to think of how much fun my new gadget was. My husband got me an MP3 player. I had never thought of myself as a techky kind of person, I do enjoy it. I have for a while now tried to find a way to condense our media material....


posted on: 1/3/2008 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

The gift of giving

Well, for most of us parents the countdown has begun. If you remember, during the Thanksgiving holiday I had the children working on cleaning out their rooms and getting toys ready to donate or toss if they were broken. We are finishing up with that project and intend to take the toys for donation on Friday. I have become accustomed to performing this purge as the holiday brings in way more than they need anyway. I was excited to see my oldest, 5, begin to really get it this year. He is no longer afraid of letting it go, because he knows that if he does something better will replace it. This is the first year he has placed money in the Salvation Army bucket and visited a nursing home to sing for the holiday with his class. I have witnessed...


posted on: 12/20/2007 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

Bathroom Organizing

Bathrooms with Children Ugh! Bathrooms…they can get so disgusting, can't they? The longer I organize for others I realize we all share very similar qualities. Regardless of our station in life our total square footage, certain rooms are just unavoidable. Then, coupled with being able to grow mold and other bacteria, mildewed towels and the bucket of waterlogged toys, it can get a little gross. I have determined no matter what kind of bathroom you have it is more than likely lacking in storage. Make-up, personal grooming equipment, toothbrushes, etc. you name it, it's in the bathroom. Oh, and then there is the water and electricity thing. Needless to say, it pays to get organized in the bathroom. Products here are affordable and...


posted on: 12/13/2007 9:00:00 AM  by Melissa Searcy
category: Family

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About Melissa:

Melissa Searcy is a professional organizer and independent decorator now living in Jasper, AL. Formerly of Montgomery, Melissa owns Lulagrace Interiors where she was a regularly featured guest on morning television and had articles featured in the local newspaper and many local monthly publications. For more information you may visit her at www.lulagrace.com. Melissa is also a member of the Facebook community at Facebook.com/melissa.searcy or on Twitter at Twitter.com/LulagracePO.

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