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An Organization Diet -- Lose the clutter and drop the weight by Lisa Lelas

Show me a person who has extra weight to lose and I'll show you someone who has extra clutter in their life. And clutter comes in all forms: physical clutter from too much stuff in our space, time management issues from over-cluttered schedules, virtual clutter from jam-packed in-boxes and more. As an author, life coach and professional organizer, working with hundreds of clients over many years, I have come to the conclusion that there is an interesting connection between holding onto clutter and holding onto pounds. I write books, magazine and newspaper columns and speak on my radio and TV segments on the subject of simplification, but I too, need the reminders in my own busy world. It appears that as my notoriety goes up, my calendar gets filled even more with lectures, guest appearances, volunteer work and more in-home organizing clients. So, to the contrary, it feels like my yearning for simplicity is in some respect, creating an even busier, more complex lifestyle to manage. As my free time lessens, so does that extra time needed to nurture my own spirit and home space. My own clutter is made up of time issues, volunteer board position files, diet books & fitness equipment, and storage bins filled with paperwork and outgrown kids stuff…while it may be neatly labeled and color coded bin clutter (hey, remember, I'm an organizer)…it is still clutter, and just like my time, my space and by body as a result need some clearing! So, lose the clutter and drop the weight! Come blog along with me each week as I journey to streamline my schedule, simplify my life, clear out the clutter…and finally lose my baby weight (okay, my baby is now 8 years old!). Read along, send in your comments and progress and let's do this together. It's going to be fun!

Latest Posts:

September offers a fresh start!

  I did my weekly guest-spot radio show yesterday and the host of the show started complaining that summer was basically over and she was becoming depressed. I couldn't have been more on the opposing field. As much as I enjoy summer and getting off schedule a bit with my children home, by the middle of August, I am ready for Autumn! A time I begin to crave regular routines again! September to me is like a freshly cleaned slate, ready to be filled with new possibilities, new opportunities…new resolutions!   It's also a great time for "me" time…something that, unless you don't have children at home, probably don't find a lot. "Me" time is that time you carve out of each day just for you…to learn something new,...


posted on: 9/16/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Looking Back- Diet Overview

   Congratulations! For those of you with me since January, you've now completed the experimental 15 week Organization Diet Program. From information gathered during these trial weeks and from many testimonials from women all over the country, I will be re-formatting and tweaking the program into a shorter version. Quite simply, I'll be taking the very best of the program and streamlining it a bit for a possible new book on the market in the near future. Thank you for those of you who have submitted stories, suggestions and feedback for the manuscript! For those of you still on the program or just starting the program (flip back to my January 7th blog for week 1) I encourage you to keep in touch with me as to how you are...


posted on: 4/29/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Dumpster Delights...storage clearing!

       I've come to the conclusion that no matter how clean, tidy, organized and orderly our living space is…(and hopefully now, by week 15 on my Organization Diet, our homes have really taken shape) if we have hidden pockets of stuff crammed into storage areas…we're never really going to feel completely at ease! Follow me on this theory. It's actually quite logical in the perspective of Organizing to lose weight. As a professional organizer, I naturally strive to maintain a basic sense of order in my home, but with two young kids, it's always a work in progress! In recent months, maybe even over the past couple of years, my attic and basement storage areas have begun gnawing at me…to the point of...


posted on: 4/15/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Towels to Rags Organizing! The Organizing Diet-Week 14

 Back from the west coast…back to old routines. There is something very comforting with the familiarity of routine. I think we don't appreciate what we have in our day to day lives sometimes, until we're away from it.   Well, as we begin to wrap up our Organization Diet journey, I hope that even if you only jumped on board with us these last couple of weeks that you already feel lighter and more streamlined in your home space…and your body! Remember, as you clear the space around you, you are clearing your mind…a necessary ingredient for losing weight!    This week's pit-stop project card will be: THE LINEN CLOSET. That's right, open it up this week and snap a 'before' picture (this...


posted on: 4/8/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Garage time!

 As I write this, I am on my way home from California. I'm glad that when arriving home this week, Spring will really have finally sprung in the northeast! This weeks clean out project (week 13 on The Organization Diet) is suited for the nicer weather around the country: THE GARAGE! Write down the word 'garage' on your new pit stop organization card for this week and circle some time in your dayplanner to get out there and start clearing it out!

  To go along with our Garage clean out, the clutter critter to exterminate this week will be: Old tools, old kid's outdoor toys, no longer used sporting equipment, any broken lawn and garden tools, etc.

  It's my hope that you have given your...


posted on: 4/1/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Let's have a fruity week!

   How many of you have a fruit bowl filled with washed fruits, sitting on your kitchen counter or table at this moment? Or, if not a fruit bowl, how many have an ample supply of washed and ready-to-eat fruits sitting in the refrigerator crisper drawer? And for those of you who do, I'd like you to count how many fruits are in there. Then divide that by the number of people living in your home…then divide that number by how many days that fruit supply will have to last until your next grocery shopping day. You may be surprised, that just because you have a bunch of fruit in your home, it really may not be enough for your family to get their daily intake of recommended fruits and vegetables!...


posted on: 3/25/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Diving into kids bedroom clutter

Welcome to week 11 on the Organization Diet! For those of you who have kept up with the program since week 1 back in January, I know you are feeling better, more in control of your home, lighter and happier because many of you have been emailing me! Congrats to you all so far! Keep the momentum going. For those new to the program, I would suggest you start with the current week and keep going until we wrap it up at about week 15 and then log onto this website and click previous blogs for The Organization Diet and scroll back to week 1 on January 8 and pick up from there. I might also suggest you go ahead and take a peek at week 1 blog to review the basics of the program for a better understanding.      The primary premise...


posted on: 3/18/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Family Room Fix up

  This was a great week for me. I always feel better when I get a chance to chip away at some of my own household clutter. You know, finally dumping all those little clutter items taking up space in our household drawers. It really is empowering and energizing for us when we open up those little spaces within our home and actually find what we're looking for. I have a lightweight folding banquet table that I store out in the garage. On occasion, throughout the year, such as a craft project or a de-cluttering mission, I set it up in my family room and use it as a sorting table. For this week, I brought over one kitchen drawer at a time and dumped contents on the table, sorted items, re-arranged, re-organized the spaces and threw...


posted on: 3/11/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

Kitchen Clearing for clearing clutter & pounds!

 Doesn't it feel good to be de-cluttering our lives and watch the pounds shed away right along side the clutter?! Well, I'm down another pound and a half this week, how 'bout you? Did you make an effort to get rid of all those straggling laundry baskets…especially those with dirty or clean clothes just sitting in them? Remember to only tackle laundry from now on when you have ample time to complete the process from beginning to end…meaning putting the clothes away!

  Hopefully, you've also taken my suggestion of making your bed each day. Believe me you will get used to it and you'll wonder why you didn't start doing this earlier!...


posted on: 3/4/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

"Stepping" into good health!

   Well, I'm finally back home from sunny Florida. I got back just hours before the northeast was hit with a big snowstorm! Two full weeks within a small month feels like I was gone forever! And, I will admit to you, as I have in the past during other travel trips, it is always a challenge to keep on a healthy diet when you consistently eat out at restaurants!     One interesting thing that I told you I was going to try this year when we got to Disneyworld in our second week away was the use of a pedometer. I don't know, I guess I never used one because the ones I have purchased in the past never seemed to work correctly. One of my in-home organizing clients gave me another one to try just before I left...


posted on: 2/26/2008 12:30:00 PM  by Lisa Lelas
category: Special Populations

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About Lisa:

Lisa Lelas is an author, life coach, professional organizer and speaker on the subject of simplifying, enhancing and organizing one's life. The owner of Life Styling, in Guilford, on the Connecticut Shoreline, Lisa has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, the Today Show, NBC news, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and more. She is the creator/host of the country's first daily talk radio feature "The Organizing Minute" and has come to be known in New England as "the organizing lady" from her many regular segments on local TV network affiliates, radio & the press. Lisa is the author of the bestselling 'Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life', 'Simple Steps for Every Holiday', Simple Steps Audio-book (6 CD set), an all new Simple Steps wall calendar 2008, and creator of a retail line of floral hand painted and collaged organizing bins called 'Blooming Bins'. Lisa lives in Guilford, CT with her husband, John, two daughters, Lindsay 10 and Lexy 8 and her very spoiled, very cute maltese dog, Daisy!

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