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Moving To A Simpler Life ... But Where Do I Start? by Janet Nusbaum, The Organizing Genie

In recent years, the term "downsizing" has grown to mean more than company layoffs and corporate restructuring. Downsizing is fast becoming the mantra of empty nesters and boomers in search of a simpler life, and those choosing to voluntarily simplify to reduce their footprint on the world.

I am one of those Boomers who has purposefully downsized my home in search of a simpler life. I found it!

As a Professional Organizer, Senior Move Manager and fellow Baby Boomer, I observe this scenario every day with frazzled and overwhelmed clients, friends and family who, like me, are ready to simplify and downsize, or who have just inherited a lifetime of stuff from the generation before. Regardless of the reason, we are faced with "where do I start and what do I do with all this stuff?"

As a new Staff Blogger for On-Line Organizing, I look forward to navigating these transitions with you, by starting conversations, imparting information, providing support and guidance, and humor about this growing trend simplifying and downsizing to a simpler life.

Latest Posts:

Moving to a simpler life - Take action!

Does the thought of simplifying your surroundings and life sound wonderful, but the physical challenges of the transition keeps you from moving forward? You are not alone!  Regardless of how attractive it may seem, downsizing a lifetime can be an emotional and organizational nightmare.  The most important action you can take to begin moving toward a simpler life is ... to take action!  Here are some simple steps you can take to begin moving toward that goal.     Start with a plan As the old adage goes "if you fail to plan you plan to fail."  This is so true when it comes to planning a successful downsizing move.  I recommend starting a 3-ring binder with...


posted on: 3/26/2008 1:30:00 PM  by Janet Nusbaum
category: Moving

BE READY Life Can Change in an Instant!

(This post explains the reason for my absence from my blog for over a month.)     Wednesday started like any other.  As a baby boomer with both parents in their early seventies and in excellent health, it would not have occurred to me that the day would unfold as it did.  On that February day, I received the call that every adult child fears receiving and cannot fathom receiving.   My mother was due to fly to Florida for a vacation with friends on Friday and I was planning to take her to the airport.  So when I received a call from my mother's home phone number, I assumed it was her calling to finalize details of her trip.  The voice on the other end of the phone however, calling...


posted on: 3/5/2008 1:30:00 PM  by Janet Nusbaum
category: Moving

Senior Move Managers Can be Angels to Boomers and Their Parents

Relocating can be physically challenging and emotionally traumatic at any age, but for Boomers and seniors downsizing and moving from the family home, the ordeal is far more complicated and even paralyzing. Stress studies indicate that losing a spouse is the only other event more stressful. Added to the challenges for relocating seniors, is the fact that many do not have family living close by who can easily assist in this stressful transition.

A new breed of service professional, the Senior Move Manager (SMM) has emerged to fill this growing need.  A Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer is dedicated to providing emotional, organizational and hands-on support to older adults and their families during a stressful...


posted on: 11/7/2007 1:30:00 PM  by Janet Nusbaum
category: Moving

Boomers are on the Move!

In my almost 50-years of life, I have been blessed by an abundant life.  But in 2006 I was ready for a change.  I did what a growing number of Baby Boomers are doing.  Our family pulled up stakes and downsized our lives from our 2,500 square foot 4-bedroom house with a super-sized yard, to a smaller 3-bedroom ranch with a yard to match.   I found what I was yearning for a simpler life with less house, less yard, and less stuff to maintain.  Ahh what a relief!  I highly recommend it!