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Blog: Organize Your Closets And Clothes
12 Secrets of the Closet Pros

This week I was going to come up with some clever tips about organizing your closet, but this article from RealSimple.com just about says it all. Enjoy!


posted on: 12/12/2007 10:00:00 AM  by Sarah Buckwalter
category: Homes

Blog: Transforming Your Home
Every family needs a BOOM Box

Every family needs a B.O.O.M. box. No, I'm not talking about a music machine. I'm talking about a box used to contain "Broken, Odd Or Missing" items. What do you do when you come across a plastic whatcha-ma-call-it that you recognize but you just can't remember where it goes? If you're like most people, you hate to toss it because you know as soon as you do, someone in the family will ask whether or not you've seen it.   In the organizing business, we encourage our customers to create homes for items. Why not create a home for those odd, hard-to-place items which you may need later?   The easiest way to create a BOOM box for your household is to use a shoe box or similar sized container. Label it...


posted on: 12/11/2007 10:00:00 AM  by Audrey Thomas
category: Homes

Blog: Making Your House Feel Like Home
How OLD is your Medicine?

Everyone around me has been coughing and sneezing and I finally got recruited into the sick club.  While I was visiting a friend and had a coughing spell, she offered to get some medicine for me.  I followed her into the bathroom to take a peek at the medicinal choices.  When she opened the door under the bathroom sink, my jaw dropped at the collected clutter below.  Of course I couldn't resist myself ... I started organizing!!


posted on: 12/10/2007 10:30:34 PM  by Lauriann Davies Stepp
category: Homes

Blog: The Simplified Home
Create an Exit Strategy and a Drop Zone

You're running late (again) and in a panic, you're trying to get your kids and yourself out the door to school and work. Everyone is running around frantically to find what they need to leave the house with … backpack, cel phone, address book, hat, gym shoes …  Does this sound familiar?   This was the scene at our house a few years ago too.    What we needed in our home, and now as a Professional Organizer, I find that most of my clients need as well, is an' exit strategy' and a 'drop zone.' This is an area where items live that need to leave the house with you, as well as where appropriate items 'drop' when you arrive...


posted on: 12/10/2007 10:00:00 AM  by Janet Nusbaum
category: Homes

Blog: Making Peace With Your Living Environment
What am I going to do with all these Holiday Cards?

OK, so all the holiday cards are starting to come in—what to do with all of them? well some people put them on their refrigerator or mantle, some put them strung on garland, yarn or clothes lines—Martha Stewart even says "Ribbon card holders descend from extra-large tuxedo bows, bound tightly in the middle for a billowing effect; cards slide into "pockets" created by gluing narrow satin ribbon at various intervals"—it's all your call but what happens after the holidays—now what?  Here are some ideas of what to do with the cards: