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New Year's Day (Resolution Time!)

This is either one of the most exciting or the scariest times of the year for you! People who know the trick to setting and achieving goals love New Years -- a time to start fresh and tackle some new challenges. People who dread their resolutions tend to fall into one of three categories -- either they set UNREALISTIC, vague, or overwhelming goals; they don't know how to break those goals down into concrete action STEPS; or they haven't set up a mechanism for REVIEWING and adjusting those goals as their priorities change. This year, why not move from the second category to the first -- all it takes is the right tools and a little practice.

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

Be SPECIFIC about what you want. "I want to get better organized" doesn't cut it. What would make you be better organized -- if you could find your car keys? If you weren't late paying bills? If you had some free time to spend on yourself?
Break your goal down into concrete steps. If you want to be punctual, write every appointment in a calendar, review each day, and set an alarm to leave 15 minute early. You must be able MEASURE whether you have succeeded at each step.
Cut yourself some slack! We set such tough "rules" for reaching our goals -- then berate ourselves when we slip. Focus on the RESULT rather than the regimen. Then if you backslide, you haven't "failed" -- you are still working toward the end result.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions...

Clickable Home
Follow the links for help achieving your organizing goals at home

Clickable Office
Follow the links for help reaching your resolutions at work

Organizers Toolbox
Checklists and tip sheets to help you reach your goals

What Is Your Time Worth?
Find out how much of your time is wasted by unclear goals

Do You Need To Get Organized At Home?
Take this quick quiz to see what personal resolutions you should set

Do You Need To Get Organized At Work?
Take this quick quiz to see what career resolutions you should set

What Are You Doing To Get Organized?
Share your goal-setting strategies and techniques with others

The Latest Organizing Products
"Do-it-yourself" tools to help you stick with your resolutions (and more)

Before-And-After Photos
See organizing in action for some resolution ideas

Get Organized Newsletter
Check out past issues for tips on accomplishing your resolutions

Organized For A Living Newsletter
Flip through back issues if your goal is to be a better business person

Useful Website Links...

10 Action Steps
Follow these ten steps to motivate yourself to great accomplishments

10 New Year's Resolutions To Get Your Finances In Shape
10 ways to get your personal finances off to a great start in the new year

2Do Before I Die
Asks "what makes a good life?" and lets you share your life goals

Change Your Life Challenge
A 70-day life makeover program for people seeking a system for juggling the demands of life.

Changing Course
If you want a meaningful life, maybe itís time to consider changing course

Fear Of Change
You will never keep those resolutions as long as you are afraid of change

Goal Setting Guide
Site devoted entirely to helping you set and reach your goals

Handling Fear Of Success
The smart path to conquer your fear of success and motivate yourself to change

Making New Year's Resolutions That Work
Tips for making your resolutions last beyond the first week of January

Motivation 123
Offers a free idea kit, newsletter, and tips to keep you on track toward your goals

Motivational Magic
Offers inspirational e-cards, motivational ebooks, and an interactive chatroom with a motivational coach.

New Year's Resolution Cards
Some fun (and foolish) e-cards that remind you not to take it so seriously

Popular Resolutions
Links to resources for achieving a wide variety of popular resolutions

Resolutions Reminders
Receive e-mail reminders throughout the year to help keep you motivated

Self-Directed Life Plan
Download this free 58-page workbook for directing your own life-changing plans

Top Achievement
A massive collection of goal-setting and self-improvement resources

Why Most New Year's Resolutions Fail
Wise advice and good questions to ask yourself to keep those resolutions

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