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Clutter Awareness Week

Clutter is anything that simply takes up space in your life without serving any real PURPOSE. And our reasons for accumulating it are as varied as the clutter itself. Maybe you think you "might need it some day." Or it's easier to let it pile up than make the hard decisions. Or you see your clutter as having POTENTIAL -- all those great ideas and unfinished projects that you hope to make time for. But regardless of the reason or type, clutter causes stress. The good news is, you don't have to be a VICTIM of clutter anymore. This month, we're going to focus on some practical steps you can take to eliminate clutter from your life. 

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

Start your cleaning out with a simple phrase -- is it beautiful, useful, or loved? If your belongings don't fall into one of these three CATEGORIES, why are you keeping them? Begin the new year fresh by clearing out some of the clutter in your life.
Ask yourself some hard QUESTIONS as you clean out -- be brutal as you examine each item. When did you use it last? When will you use it again? What purpose does it serve in your life? What is the worst thing that would happen if you got rid of it?
Try the "in-out" rule -- every time you bring in something new, you have to get rid of something old. Set either spatial or numerical LIMITS on how many of an item you will own. This will force you to decide which are your favorites and let go of the rest.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions...

Organizers Toolbox
Checklists and tip sheets to help you end the clutter

Before-And-After Photos
See how we got rid of the clutter in these actual homes and offices

What Is Your Time Worth?
Find out how much of your time is being wasted by unnecessary clutter

Do You Need To Get Organized At Home?
Take this quick quiz to see if your home needs some decluttering

Do You Need To Get Organized At Work?
Take this quick quiz to see if your work area is cluttered

What Are You Doing To Get Organized?
Share your clutter control strategies and techniques with others like you

The Latest Organizing Products
"Do-it-yourself" tools to help you tame your clutter (and more)

Get Organized Newsletter
Check out past issues for tips on tackling clutter at work and at home

Organized For A Living Newsletter
Flip through past issues to tackle clutter in how you run your business

Clickable Office
Follow the links for tips on clearing clutter at your office

Useful Website Links...

Join this online clutter forum to get nonjudgmental support for clutter problems

Eliminate Clutter For A Better Life
Sign up for this free newsletter for tips on reclaiming your life from clutter

Establishing A Sense of Prosperity In Your Home
You don't have to be surrounded by worldly goods to have value in your world

Examining The Roots Of Hoarding
Takes a look at why we hoard and the mental side of clutter-accumulation

Get Through The Clutter In Three Quick Steps
Suggestions for clearing up clutter in your office -- either at home or work

Heloise's 6 Top Clutter-Busting Secrets
The householder's best friend offers tips for reclaiming your home and your time

HGTV's Cleaning And Organizing Forum
Chat in this forum to discuss favorite clutter techniques, products, and tips

Psychology Today offers advice on getting rid of everyday junk by learning to let go

Home Decorating Ideas That Will Eliminate Clutter
Design tips to make your space functional and beautiful at the same time

Screening Criteria For Compulsive Hoarding
Determine if you have any clinical hoarding or compulsive buying tendencies

The 6 Costs Of Clutter
Find out what your clutter is costing you -- and it's more than just money!

The Infinite Mind
A webcast of the public radio program offers resources for obsessive hoarders

The Psychology Of Hoarding
Discover asks what lies beneath the pathological desire to stockpile tons of stuff

What's Your Clutter Style?
Fun quiz to learn your clutter stye and where you stand on the clutter continuum

Women Of God: Cut The Clutter
Advice on how to simplify -- blessing yourself and others -- through decluttering

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