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Simplify Your Life Week

What does it really mean to SIMPLIFY? Do you have to give up all of your worldly possessions and move to a bark hut in the woods? Not hardly! Simplifying is all about having enough without having too much -- cutting back on unnecessary spending, slowing down, and FOCUSING on your true priorities. For one person, this means working fewer hours, a cut in pay, and more time with the kids. Another may choose to move closer to work, buy a smaller home, and clean out some unused junk. And a third person might just start saying NO to the daily barrage of requests from other people. What will you do to simplify your life this month?

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

Take a look at your life -- where do you see EXCESS around you? Is your life cluttered with things you don't need or use? Is your schedule so full that you have no free time for yourself? These are a few good places to begin purging and simplifying.
Try to simplify ONE area of your life -- your job, your home, your spending -- at a time. If you do too much at once, you will just get overwhelmed. And tackle the biggest thorn in your side first. Then you can move on to the next biggest pain in the neck.
Make a list of small CHANGES that you can immediately put into place. If you want less stuff, clean a few things out of your junk closet. Then, you can consider bigger changes, like getting trimming down to one car or moving to a smaller house.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions...

Get Organized Newsletter
Check out past issues for tips on simplifying your life

Clickable Home
Follow the links for tips on creating a simple living environment

Clickable Office
Follow the links for tips on creating a simplified office space

Organizers Toolbox
Checklists and tip sheets to help you simplify your life

Before-And-After Photos
See how we created more simplicity in these actual homes and offices

What Is Your Time Worth?
Find out how much of your time is being wasted by complexity

Do You Need To Get Organized At Home?
Take this quick quiz to see if your home life needs a little simplification

Do You Need To Get Organized At Work?
Take this quick quiz to see if your work life needs a little less complexity

What Are You Doing To Get Organized?
Share your simplification strategies and techniques with others like you

The Latest Organizing Products
"Do-it-yourself" tools to help you simplify your life (and more)

Useful Website Links...

8 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Have More Fun
Practical tips for slowing down, lightening the load, and focusing on priorities

Change Your Life Challenge
A 70-day life makeover program for people seeking a system for juggling the demands of life.

How Much Is Enough?
17 ideas to live better on less -- without deprivation or drastic changes

Live Simple
Website by John December (author of the book with the same name)

Quiz: Is Your Body Seeking Simplicity?
Simple questions to figure out if your life could use a little simplification

Quotations About Simplicity And Simple Living
Words of inspiration and encouragement to keep you motivated as you simplify

Real Simple
Magazine that offers simple solutions to daily concerns

Right On The Money
Radio transcript of interviews with experts on simplifying

Seeds Of Simplicity
Can help you pass the values of "voluntary simplicity" on to your kids

Simple Living
Offers a free online newsletter and quarterly journal that inspire and support

Simplicity Resource Guide
Includes book reviews, articles, and simple living tips

Simplicity Resources
Links to a organizations dedicated to helping people cut back and slow down

Simplify Your Life And Focus On What You Care About
Advice for working mothers on balancing home and career

Simplify Your Life TV
Catch this Fine Living Network series devoted to simplifying your world

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast
A review of slow living, which grew out of the slow food movement

The Simple Living Network
Everything you need to simplify your life -- newsletter, resource lists, chats, etc.

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