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American Magazine Month

We are all bombarded by paper -- but does anything stack up the way MAGAZINES do? I am amazed at the piles of old periodicals people collect under the assumption that they will "get around to reading them some day." Or better yet -- you find an ARTICLE you like, save the magazine so you can refer to it later, and then forget which magazine the article was in. And trade JOURNALS are the worst! Why do we feel compelled to keep them forever -- even after they have become outdated? So this month, let's concentrate on reducing the piles of periodicals -- both read and unread -- that are cluttering up your home and office.

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

If you find, month after month, that you can't seem to get around to reading a magazine before the next issue comes in -- maybe the information inside isn't that important to you. Consider CANCELING the subscription and saving some money.
Do you have to own every magazine you enjoy reading? Doesn't anyone go to the LIBRARY anymore? At the very least, you could hit your local bookstore, get an espresso, and just flip through the ones you won't read cover-to-cover.
When you find an article you like, have some system for marking the page (a sticky note, paper clip, etc.) Or when you get a new magazine, SKIM the table of contents, find the articles that interest you, and rip them out right then.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions...

Get Organized Newsletter
Check out past issues for tips on dealing with magazines and clippings

Clickable Home
Follow the links for tips on creating an article storage system

Organizers Toolbox
Checklists and tip sheets to help you stay on top of subscriptions

What Is Your Time Worth?
Find out how much of your time is wasted by unnecessary publications

Do You Need To Get Organized?
Take this quick quiz to see if you could clear up some paper clutter

What Are You Doing To Get Organized?
Share your magazine strategies and techniques with others like you

The Latest Organizing Products
"Do-it-yourself" tools to help you take control of your magazines (and more)

Useful Website Links...

ALA Recycling
Will pick up your old books and magazines for recycling

Book And Magazine Clutter
Smart strategies for donating magazines to declutter your home

Books Behind Bars
Donate magazines, books and other reading material to correctional facilities

Books For Freedom
Donate books, magazines and reading material to Afghanistan's libraries

Books For Soldiers
Ship books, magazines and care packages to deployed or hospitalized soldiers

Hospital Directory.Com
Listing of clinic and hospitals -- donate your magazines for use in waiting rooms

How To Get More Mileage From Your Magazines
Innovative ways to reuse or recycle magazines to give them new life

Internet Public Library
Skip subscription costs and clutter -- read magazines and journals online

Inspiring tale of how one girl found a way to improve lives with old magazines

Senior Housing Net
Listing of retirement homes -- donate your magazines to the elderly

Ten Ways To Use A Stack Of Old Magazines
Consider these "assignments" for the budding creative writing in your family

Vogue Living
An eye-opening look at why magazines exist and the traps we fall into

World Wide Web Library Directory
Find a library near you -- then call to see if they accept donations of magazines

Subscribe to and read your favorite magazines online -- no more clutter

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