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Repetitive Strain Injuries Awareness Day

What the heck is a REPETITIVE strain injury? And why should you be aware of it? Repetitive strain injuries are the damage that we cause ourselves by doing the same activity over and over again. Typing and moving a mouse around can cause carpal tunnel syndrome -- a type of repetitive injury. But any motion that you do over and over again without a break can result in physical INJURY -- that could mean office work, bending, lifting, swinging a hammer, operating a piece of machinery -- even walking! But there are some steps you can take to PREVENT repetitive strain injuries -- and that's what this holiday is all about.

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

Is workspace laid out ERGONOMICALLY? You should be able to sit with feet are flat on the ground, thighs are parallel to the floor, and back is supported. Your neck should be straight, arms held in a comfortable position, and nothing should hurt.
Take a few minutes every once in awhile to STRETCH. Walk around, flex your wrists, circle your neck, roll your shoulders, touch your toes -- work out the kinks. Make it a habit to include lots of different motion in your day to avoid injury.
Pay attention to your body, and rest when you need to. Any kind of work can lead to exhaustion (then strain and injury) -- even sitting at a desk. Don't wait until you are hurt to take a time out -- build regular BREAKS into your day.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions...

Organizers Toolbox
Checklists and tip sheets to help you avoid repetitive strains

Before-And-After Photos
See how we set these offices up to be ergonomically efficient

What Is Your Time Worth?
Find out how much of your time is being wasted by poor ergonomics

Do You Need To Get Organized?
Take this quick quiz to see if your office ergonomics need a little help

What Are You Doing To Get Organized?
Share your ergonomic strategies and techniques with others like you

The Latest Organizing Products
"Do-it-yourself" tools to help you prevent RSI injuries (and more)

Get Organized Newsletter
Check out past issues for tips on preventing repetitive injuries

Organized For A Living Newsletter
Flip through back issues for tips on being ergonomic as an entrepreneur

Clickable Office
Follow the links for tips on creating an ergonomically correct office

Clickable Home
Follow the links for tips on setting up an ergonomically correct home

Useful Website Links...

Computer-Related Competitive Strain Injury
Practical tips (with pictures!) for preventing injury while using a computer

Cornell University Ergonomics Web
A massive resource directory of ergonomics information, tips, and solutions

Ergo Lib
Compendium of tips for preventing RSI while researching and computing

Ergonomics Assessment Quiz
Find out what you know and how much you need to learn about Ergonomic Injury.

Ergonomics For Kids
Advice on RSI injuries in children due to computers, gaming devices, etc.

Harvard RSI Action
Student group offering preventative education about repetitive strain injury

Healthy Computing
Expert advice on office ergonomics and computer-related health and safety

Meetup for RSI Support
Join an existing Meetup support group for RSI concerns or start your own group

MIT's RSI Prevention Exercises
Photographic and text-aided lessons in RSI-prevention exercises

Muscles And Bones
Discusses the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of RSI

Musicians And Injuries
Computer-users aren't the only RSI-sufferers -- musicians beware!

Office Ergonomics
A useful collection of handouts related to ergonomics in the workplace

RSI Help
Expert advice on the diagnosis, risk factors, treatment and prevention of RSI

The RSI Association
News, tips, and a friendly place to communicate about repetitive strain injury

Typing Injury FAQ
Tons of great information about what causes RSI's and  how to prevent them

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