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What Does An Organized Life Look Like To You?

Before you begin organizing, you need a clear picture of the desired end RESULT. Some of our visitors have put their dreams into words -- if you would like to share how life would CHANGE in an "organized" world, contact us!

"To me, 'organized' means that I can look around my house and see everything in its place. I don't have to spend 30 minutes looking for something, because I know right where it is!"

- Lisa O'Connell

"My idea of 'organized' is a desk that isn't overflowing with papers -- where I can come into my office and sit down to work without the distraction of seeing piles all around me."

- Dawn Bradford

"My idea of organized is to have my house clean with only a few dishes and a quick, 20-minute tidy every morning. Then I'd have time to do crafts and projects and not feel guilty because I'm leaving other things undone."

- Pam Jones

"If I were organized, I would be in control of my schedule, and I'd never miss a meeting because I forgot. And I would have more time to spend with my kids on the weekends."

- Tomas Guerrero

"To me, being organized would allow me to see and realize what needs to be done -- and to know the most effective way of getting it all accomplished without stress -- being able to effectively prioritize."

- Sharon Kershaw

"An organized life to me would be being able to use our dining room table for a meal instead of my 'stuff' -- not meeting every visitor at our door with, 'Pardon my mess, but...' Not having to spend an entire day cleaning every time my husband is due home from a business trip..."

- Becky Dunlap

"My idea of organized is a place for everything and everything in its place (easy for me to say....) Fridge clean and tidy; my home office organized with everything in files so that I can put my fingers on whatever I want within a matter of minutes; all clothes hanging in a closet or folded neatly in a drawer; my closets set up with organizational modules which hold whatever I feel fits; and and all non-essential items put away or otherwise gotten rid of."

- Ruby Freeman

"My idea of organized is not living with boxes or piles of my late husband's belongings and our lives, as I am a young widow. Being able to donate and give away things, or sell the collections we owned. I would love to live in my condo without boxes, books, artwork, etc. piled around and my place to be one of cleanliness, organized, and peaceful instead of all this chaos."

- Rebecca

"My idea of organized is being able to find a specific piece of clothing when needed, being able to have people in my house at any time without absolute embarrassment, and being able to walk in my (or my children's) room without tripping over something. If I were organized I would be able to get more done in my day and have more time to do other things. That would make my life less stressful."

- Angelina Potter

"Being organized means that I have what I need and can find it, that I'm not drowning in stuff I don't need, that I can keep up with my family's activities and schedules, and that my home is comfortable and beautiful."

- Barbara Slagel

"Organizing according to me is the art of doing things at the right time. Sticking to your work schedule and getting the job done on time -- and not procrastinating."

- Arun Chadda

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