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What Are You Doing To Get Better Organized?

We want to hear what you are doing to get better organized. Contact us with your favorite TIPS or tell us about an organizing PRODUCT that you love -- and we'll post your comments. And take a look around -- maybe you'll find a tidbit you can use!

"I absolutely couldn't live without my electronic label maker! I label everything now -- boxes, files in my office, shelves -- it's even great for putting my kids' names in their school books! I bought mine at Office Depot, but I know you can get them at any office supply store."
- Jeanne Michaels

"I found that if I will prepare for the next day the night before, mornings are much easier to deal with. I make my kids' lunches, lay out their clothes, and have them put everything they need to take to school in their bookbags. No more fighting to get out of the house in the morning!"
- Carol Green

"I don't usually go in for a lot of 'organizing paraphernalia' -- but I do have to give a thumbs up to those drawer trays you find at office supply stores. My desk drawer was sort of a 'catch-all' until I put in a tray -- now I have a set spot for each of my supplies."
- Greg Thompson

"Sometimes I delegate projects to other people at work -- but it's hard staying on top of who has what deadline. So I created a list of 'pending' issues and their deadlines. Each week, I check back with people on my list, just to see how things are going. No missed deadlines yet!"
- Rhonda Simpson

"I work out of my car, and hate to drive around with a mess. So I got a hanging file box for the papers and files I have to carry with me. I also got in the habit of keeping extra supplies in a tackle box in the back seat -- now I've always got a pen or paper clip handy if I need one!"
- Jim Grayson

"I used to have a mess with my computer files and floppies. Now I delete e-mail messages immediately after reading them or save them in different files (personals, jokes, work related, etc.) as soon as I read them. My inbox and trash boxes remain empty. I also label CDs and floppies as soon as I make them."
- Pilar

"With 7 in the family, my problem was that I would always have to dump out the hampers and sort them in the hallway before I could do the laundry. But then I added an extra shelf in my laundry room and set up six laundry baskets. I labeled each of the bins with the colors that should go in that particular bin. We are in to two weeks now and I couldnít be happier with my laundry room. It is self sorted! I also added two smaller bins. One for 'things left in pockets' and the other for 'kitchen rags.'"
- Cera Hardin

"I saw clear, zippered cosmetic bags while shopping one day and came up with this idea for sorting lipsticks. Since the bags each had different colored zippers and trim, I bought a burgundy one, a beige one, and a pale yellow one. I put my red and dark lipsticks into the burgundy, my peach and beige lipsticks into the beige trimmed, and my rose and light colored lipsticks into the pale yellow one. It helped to more quickly match lipsticks to an outfit in the morning."
- Deborah Harrison

"I am a big office supply fanatic, but have very little space for them all -- so Iíve been using valuable desk drawer space for all of my 'extras'. I recently found out about stackable white plastic units with transparent drawers so that you can see what is in them. There are three drawers per unit. They are each about 5-1/4" X roughly 6-1/4". Not only do I now have room for lots of these smaller items so that the drawer space I was using can be put to good use but I can actually organize my pens: one drawer for highlighers, one for markers, one for pens that write in colored ink, and one for pens that write in normal black or blue ink."
- Ruth Phipps

"I stay organized by using the task list on Outlook. I have a task for Projects, categorized by due date. Under this task, I have a subtitle for each room in the house -- and listed for each room are the projects to complete for that month. For example...Due Date 11/1/04 -- Task: Project -- Kitchen: organize pantry, clean behind stove -- Master Bath: paint baseboards, organize closets."
- Betty Jo Bishop

"I've found a great way to store garlands and wreaths after the holidays. I bend wire coat hangers into a large hook, hang the wreath or garland over the hook and hang them on the rafters in my attic, then cover lightly with a large garbage bag. Keeps the bows perfect from year to year, no need to take time to 'fluff up' the garland before putting it back up next year."
- Lee Stearns

"At the beginning of a new season I hang my clothes in the closet with the hangers "backwards" when I do the laundry I return the clothes with the hanger facing the right way. At the end of the season I give away the clothes hanging of the 'backwards' hangers because I know they have not been worn at season."
- Debi Williams

"Here's an organizing tip that's also good for the environment. Save some tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Refold electrical cords (appliance, computer, extension, etc.) like they arrived from the manufacturer, then insert them in one of the cardboard tubes which can easily be cut to size. Then with a marks-a-lot or similar pen, write what the cord is for, its length, etc. Simple, recycles, and organizes."
- Gloria Anderson

"When I clean a room I use a laundry basket -- one side has all my cleaning supplies and the other has 2 paper bags, one for garbage and one for things that don't belong in that room. When I am all done in the room, I put away the things in the bag where they belong. It seems to make clean up easier and i don't feel like I need to leave the room each time I find something that does not belong."
- Wendy Carey

"Over this past summer I completed a major decluttering / reorganization project by removing five years of my own mountains of chaotic work-related stuff from my husband's home office. How was I, a 42-year old woman with A.D.D., able to complete this task that has been hanging over me for the last five years? I worked with a professional organizer who suggested something called 'body doubling,' having my spouse or a friend simply keep me company while I do the organizing itself. I didnt need their physical help -- they could sit at their laptop, knit or just hang out -- their mere physical presence and chatter helped keep me interested in the task at hand so that I could keep going. Their immediate positive reaction to my daily accomplishments really kept me motivated to the end. I highly suggest this method of support to others like me."
- Claire L.

"I find that simplifying my life makes organizing my possessions, time, and money that much easier to tackle. I have less stuff to organize, worry about, and deal with -- and more time for things and people that matter to me. I can focus my attention on goals I want to achieve and plans for the future. Oh yeah, and cleaning my house is a breeze!"

- Andy Mrakovich

"I put together a list of questions to ask myself whenever I am contemplating the purchase of any product, whether it be a pack of diapers for my daughter or some doo-dad I spot in the store. Is it necessary? Do I already own a product that can perform the same function? Where will it go in the space that I live in right now? Could I borrow this product from someone else? Do I love, love, love this product? Am I trying to use this product to fulfill any unmet emotional needs?"

- Lynne Hilton

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