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Backing You Up -- With Research Studies, Reports And Articles

Now you can use reliable third-party DATA to support your organizing techniques and theories. Click on the links below for statistics and quote you can use to build your own CREDIBILITY. And if you know of an item that should be included, contact us!

The Field Of Professional Organizing

  • "Clutter Busters"
  • "Custom Closet Industry Growing"
  • "Expected Cost Of Startup Ventures"
  • "How Some Popular Organizing Stores Stack Up"
  • "Leaving It To The Professionals"
  • "Personal Services...Professional Organizer"
  • "Professional Organizers Arrange Their Success "
  • "Women-Owned Businesses"
  • "Women's Career Choice Study"
  • "You're What? A Corporate Concierge?"

General Trends And Behaviors

  • "American Fact Finder
  • "Are Americans Obsessed With Getting Organized?"
  • "EconData Regional Economic Information"
  • "FedStats Gateway To Agency Statistics"
  • "National Advisory Committee On Ergonomics Reports"
  • "Social Trends In Our Society"
  • "State Of The Nation"
  • "You Can't Be Too Organized Survey"

Psychological Issues In Organizing

  • "Compulsive Hoarding Versus OCD"
  • "Avoiding Kinesthetic Sympathy Survey"
  • "Measurement Of Compulsive Hoarding"
  • "Examining The Roots Of Hoarding"
  • "Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding"
  • "Multi-Dimensional Model Of OCD"
  • "The Psychology Of Hoarding"
  • "Treatment Of Compulsive Hoarding"

How We Manage Our Time

  • "Dillydallying: Bad For Your Health"
  • "Get It Together"
  • "How Much Is Your Time Worth?"
  • "Procrastination Reports And Studies"
  • "Readings In Time Management Psychology"
  • "Slow Down, You Move Too Fast"
  • "An Unhurried Look At Time Management"

Staying On Top Of Paper

Storage And Clutter

  • "Giving Household Clutter The Heave-Ho"
  • "Packrat Survey"
  • "Thinking Inside The Box"

Ergonomics In Action

  • "Ergonomics And The Telecommuter"
  • "Ergonomics Enters The Classroom"
  • "Ergonomics Now Could Impact Children Later"
  • "Home Offices Abound With Hidden Hazards"
  • "Is An Ergonomic Chair Enough?"
  • "Prospective Study Of Computer Users"
  • "Relating Productivity To Ergonomics"
  • "Staffing Shortages Make Ergonomics More Important"
  • "The Office Workstation at Home"

Attention Deficit Disorder

  • "Diagnostic Controversies In Adult ADD"
  • "Family Study Of Girls With ADHD"
  • "Influence Of Gender On ADHD"
  • "National Trends In The Treatment Of ADHD"
  • "Separating ADHD And Learning Disabilities"
  • "The Use of Medication Tn Treating ADHD"

Using Technology To Organize

  • "Bits Of Organization Clear Clutter"
  • "Death In The Digital Age"
  • "Establishing The Cost Of Spam"
  • "IT Papers Library Of Technical White Papers"
  • "Spending Time To Save Time"
  • "Strategies To Manage The Spam Menace"
  • "The Challenges Of Data Retention Compliance"
  • "Unique Home Gadget Delivers As Promised"

Consumer Spending Habits

  • "Consumer Expenditure Survey Reports"
  • "Home Improvement Research And Publications"
  • "Home Improvers Set New Spending Records"
  • "I Am Woman, Hear Me Shop"
  • "Impulse Purchases"
  • "Personal Income And Outlays"
  • "Re-Tooling Home Improvement"

Housing And Living Environments

  • "Design Sketchbook: Resource Centers"
  • "Garage Mahals"
  • "Homeowners Embrace Domestic Downsizing"
  • "Homework"
  • "Making Room For Computers"
  • "The McMansion Next Door"
  • "McMansion Passion Is Diminishing"
  • "Not So Big"
  • "Sell Your Home -- Fast"
  • "The Supersize Suburb"
  • "Wanted: Big Houses With Small Living Rooms"

Work Productivity

  • "At Risk"
  • "Back Pain's Impact On Productivity"
  • "Center For Work And Family Studies"
  • "Flextime And Telecommuting"
  • "Flextime Balances Life And Work"
  • "Get Organized At Work...Painlessly"
  • "How To Work Smarter, Not Harder"
  • "Siesta Syndrome"
  • "So Many Reasons To Neaten Up, But It's Too Imposing"

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