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Event Coordinators

Finding the right coordinator for you and your event is an event in itself. A coordinator must be DETAIL-ORIENTED, organized, energetic, enthusiastic, nurturing and flexible.

A good coordinator is able to accomplish the following:
  • RESEARCH (ideas, locations, feasibility, staffing, budget, market, timing)

  • DESIGN (decor, layouts, presentation, logistics, creativity)

  • PLAN (everything - details, details, details)

  • COORDINATE (delegation, responsibilities, committees)

  • EVALUATE (was it a success? why? why not? suggestions for future use)

If you are the host(ess) or the individual selected by your company to be responsible for the event, then the success of the event will be your responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative you find a coordinator that you can work with, who is reliable, dependable and with whom you will have CONFIDENCE. Keep in mind, experienced event professionals are always continuing their education. They are willing to learn and work with new ideas and technology. Professionals of this caliber lead from a position of strength and that strength is derived from knowledge and experience. This is the type of coordinator you want for your event.

The coordinator must be able to work efficiently and smoothly with others; to communicate honestly and clearly with everyone. The coordinator usually MANAGES the big picture, hiring reliable and competent staff, volunteers and vendors, forming committees, detailing job descriptions and schedules. A good RAPPORT needs to exist between yourself and everyone connected to the event. Treating all personnel with respect and appreciation is a must for the coordinator you choose. A good coordinator communicates every facet of the event to all his/her employees and keeps you well INFORMED. All the planning in the world will not work if no one is aware of the plans. If a problem arises, someone needs to be able to continue implementing the plans for the event.

With this in mind, start interviewing. Ask for a FACE-TO-FACE interview. It is during this interview that you will get a feel for the coordinator and if you will be able to work with him/her. Look at his/her PORTFOLIO, photos and invitations. Discuss you needs and be sure the coordinator has the experience to follow through. Ask for and check references. Some questions are: 
  • What are the most recent events you've organized?
  • How many events like this have you supervised?
  • When were they?
  • What was the extent of you INVOLVEMENT?
  • How many people attended?
  • If a fund-raiser, how much money did the event raise?
  • Can you plan and follow a budget?
  • How much TIME do you have to promote to this event?
  • Would you work out of your home or an office?
  • What kind of people skills do you have?
  • How do you function under PRESSURE?
  • Will you be there on the day of the event? If not, who?
  • Do you have letters of recommendation?

Be specific when asking questions and be sure you completely understand the replies. There must be no misunderstandings. There are big differences between types of events -- large or small, informal or formal, corporate, social or wedding, etc. That is one of the reasons to hire a coordinator who has experience in putting together YOUR TYPE of event. Ask questions until you are satisfied that you have chosen the most qualified person to plan your event.

The fee structure is dependent upon many items. How much you participate and how much the coordinator actually does. Determine if a FLAT FEE is charged or if the fee is a PERCENTAGE of the total budget? Ask what is required for the down payment? When is the balance due? What is the cancellation policy?

Once you have decided on a coordinator, a concise AGREEMENT must be drawn up covering details and responsibilities to prevent any misunderstandings in the future.  Work with your coordinator, asking for progress reports. Keep your own CHECKLIST current. With everyone working closely together, your event will run smoothly and be a success! All because of your good judgment in hiring the best coordinator for your event.


Deanna Sacks is a certified event coordinator and the founder of -- filled with printable event planning forms, a comprehensive resource guide to entertaining products and services, and more great articles like this one. You may visit her website at

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