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Indispensable Odds And Ends For Travelers

Understandably, planning and packing an appropriate wardrobe is usually number one on any travelerís to-do list. Infrequent travelers may never think to pack the little everyday objects that allow a quick fix or make travel SAFER and EASIER. When youíre on the road, you canít always find these things, but they can avert disaster.

The best way to ensure never leaving home without these necessities is to assemble them in a small bag that stays in your SUITCASE. Once theyíre in place, you never have to worry about remembering to pack them again. If you must remove items between trips, keep a LIST of whatís missing in the bag so you can replace the items before your next trip. Because some of these objects may raise red flags with todayís airport security, always pack this bag of goodies in your checked luggage. The following list of suggested items can be tailored to your specific travel needs.

These items could make your life easier if something breaks or becomes DAMAGED while you are away from home:
  • sewing kit (scissors may have pointed tips)
  • duct tape (now available in flat rolls ideal for travel)
  • tube of glue
  • shoe polish or scuff remover
  • shoelaces
  • batteries to fit any device youíre carrying
  • Swiss Army knife

These items will make it easier for you to stay in TOUCH with people back home, and to keep track of information as you travel:
  • sticky notes
  • pencil (never leaks)
  • envelopes (for receipts, souvenirs, tips, or notes)
  • stamps (postcard or letter value)
  • pre-addressed labels
  • phone list of numbers you might need to call
  • extra business cards

These items will make it easier for you to keep your STUFF organized and accessible while on the road:
  • hooks with suction cups
  • sealable plastic bags
  • folding tote bag
  • small bottles with lids for liquids
  • collapsible hangers

These items will help you stay CLEAN -- even without the convenience of a laundromat -- as you travel:
  • mesh laundry bag (hang in closet to separate dirty clothes)
  • extension cord (doubles as a clothesline)
  • sink stopper
  • liquid detergent
  • individual packets of spot remover

These items will help keep you and your belongings SAFE no matter where you travel:
  • plastic ties to secure luggage at the airport
  • straps for typing things together
  • luggage locks (for security outside of the airport)
  • flashlight
  • travel alarm
  • panic button or personal alarm
  • money belt and spare "throw away" wallet

These items are optional, but may make life more COMFORTABLE on the road:
  • binoculars
  • umbrella
  • extra pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • eyeglass cleaning cloth or liquid cleaner
  • eyeglass repair kit
  • shoe pads
  • braces for ankle, knee, or wrist
  • neck pillow or back support

These items will defeinitely help you get along easier in FOREIGN countries:
  • currency converter
  • hand-held language translator
  • voltage conversion kit
  • travel dictionary

Pack consumable items with a FINITE shelf life -- such as sunscreen, bug repellant, over-the-counter drugs, and first-aid materials -- with your toiletries so you can double-check their condition and replace them in one quick trip to the drugstore.


Karen Wormald is president of Kew Publications, a freelance writing, editing, and proofreading service for business. Her feature travel articles have appeared in Cruise Travel and Office Solutions magazines. Karen has a bachelor's degree from the University of Richmond (VA). She can be reached at or 804-379-8503.

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