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     Accomplishing More in Less Time

The number one question people ask me is “How do you do it all? How do you run 10 Web sites, raise six children, and write books?” Whenever someone asks me this I just chuckle and tell them that if they could see my house, they’d understand! Or sometimes I admit to workaholism. But there are clear and definite ways to MAXIMIZE your time to accomplish more without getting out of BALANCE. In this article I’ll share a few.

You know how most people look at everything they have to do and start with the worst first -- "I’d rather be writing or designing my web site or calling new customers, but I’ve set aside Monday’s to pay my bills, so that’s what I’ve got to do today." Bills do need to be paid, but if you’re in a creative mood with ideas and ENERGY that want to go elsewhere, follow your creative energy where it leads. Then when that energy has passed, do things like paying your bills and other tasks that don’t need that creative flow. If I FEEL like writing, I write. If I feel like tinkering with my web site, I do that. If I feel like finding out how much money I’ve made or have to spend, I do my billing and bookkeeping. When you work with your moods you’re in a state of flow and when you’re in this state you accomplish more in less time.

When you know that there is something higher than you -- something infinite and ETERNAL who can do anything and that this something is on your side and ready and willing to help you, you can accomplish anything! You are not alone! You don’t have to jump those hurdles by yourself. Acknowledge your own inability to climb the mountain, ask for HELP, expect it, and watch miracles occur.

In the morning carefully consider what you feel you should ACCOMPLISH for that day. Listen to your moods. What do you feel inspired and motivated to do? Write these down. Act on them! It’s important that you do! After writing down 1-2 important things you’d like to accomplish that day, make a list of smaller activities and keep them handy for when you have a SPARE moment (more on this later).

With a husband, six children and customers vying for my attention, I have to be able to write, take a phone call and then restart mid-sentence. I must be able to get up and get a snack for a 3-year-old and jump right back into programming my web site. Have an overall objective clear in your mind and then when DISTRACTIONS come, make sure you RETURN to task when they’ve passed.

Keep a list of little things that you need to do that can be accomplished in 5 MINUTES or 10. In five minutes you can set an appointment, feed your pets, empty a dishwasher, download your email. In ten you can load a dishwasher, fold a load of laundry, take a walk to clear your head, answer an email, make a change to a web page. Never “kill a few minutes” use them instead!

The number one thing that most people spend time on that I do not is watching TELEVISION. I watch maybe 1-2 movies each week and the rest of the time I’m either working, caring for my family or reading. Think about it, a person who comes home from work and averages watching 5-6 hours of television per day, just flushed 35-42 hours per week down the toilet! He could be working an entirely second job, spending time building lasting relationships with his family or enjoying a productive hobby and developing new skills. Think of what you could accomplish if you had TWICE the hours of the normal person!

Daily tasks, performed CONSISTENTLY over time yield great results. People look at all I’ve accomplished and say, “Wow! How do you do all that?” Well, I’ve been doing all this for 15 years. Every new skill acquired builds on the last. Plug along with purpose, vision and direction and give it TIME. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Most of all it helps to have a spouse and children who allow you to reach your full POTENTIAL, who help, put up with a less-than-immaculate-house, and who believe in you. You may or may not have that type of support system, but at least now you know a few of my practical secrets to accomplishing more in less time. I hope you find them helpful in reaching your worthwhile desires!


Marnie Pehrson is a writer, online publisher, and president of the International Association of Computer Professionals. She has owned her home-based business since 1990, and is a wife and mother of 5 children. Her internet communities may be reached from www.pwgroup.com or email her at .

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