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     Donít Forget the Linen Closet

The linen closet is one of the areas of the house most people OVERLOOK when getting organized. It just never seems to be a top priority. But donít let it go for too long or youíll have one of those cartoon-like closets that explodes every time you try to get something out. The good news is that it is possible to organize a linen closet in a short amount of time. It can even be done in STAGES so it doesnít have to be completed all in a day.

Take out all the sheets and sort them by size. Keep sets together. Decide how many sheets you actually need. In truth, you only NEED a set on each bed, and a set in the closet. It may be amusing to look back on your childrenís bedsheets from 20 years ago and laugh at the crazy mod sheets you bought in the 70s. But itís time to get serious now. One easy way to keep sets of sheets together is to fold the top sheet around the bottom sheet and pillowcases of each set. Place them on a shelf with the fold facing outward to give a neat appearance. Decide which shelf will hold bedding and place the sheets on the shelf by SIZE. Label the edge of the shelf.

Fold or roll blankets and store by size on an upper shelf or low shelf. Donít have room? Use Spacebags and suck air out with a vacuum. Then STACK the blankets easily.

If youíre short on space, use Spacebags again to vacuum the air out. Non-down comforters can stay like that for years. Down duvets need to be fluffed every six months. Also try ROLLING comforters up like a sleeping bag, using a bungee cord to keep it rolled

Time to get tough again. Many people are saving more towels than they need. Each bathroom needs a set to use, and a clean set in the closet. Beyond that you may need an extra set for company. The rest can be recycled into rags or given to charity. Sort towels into SETS and like the sheets, fold the small towels inside the larger towel. Place the set on the shelf with the fold facing out for a neat appearance. Another way to organize towels is by SIZE. Place washcloths together in one stack, hand towels in another, and bath towels in another. Beach towels get their own stack as well.

If you have room in a hanging closet, HANG tablecloths on a wooden hanger. If not, fold neatly and stack by size. Bunch all of your napkins together by set and tie a ribbon around them so they stay together. Placemats can be stacked neatly. Table linens can also be stored easily in DRAWERS in the room where they are used.

Attach a vinyl SHOEBAG to a closet door to hold small items such as extra shampoo, soap, medicine, toothbrushes, lens cleaner, q-tips, razors, etc. You will not forget where you left them. For people who entertain often, the shoebag may also store sets of napkin rings and place cards.

Blankets and sheets can be folded long ways and stored between the MATTRESS and the box spring! Keep flannel sheets there until you need them again in winter. It will also remind you to flip your mattress. Bedding can also be stored under the bed (despite bad feng shui). Keep linens clean by storing them in under-bed boxes, canvas boxes, or SPACEBAGS. Roll towels and place in a basket under a sink, on a shelf, or on the floor.

Keep sheets and towels from toppling over with shelf DIVIDERS. Also try linen closet canvas reach-in boxes.

Itís ok to admit it. Many people donít. There is no need to spend your time doing super-neat folding jobs. There are at least two ways to get around doing a good folding job. One is to put BASKETS on the closet shelves. Do a quickie folding job and put the sheets or towels in the basket. Ta-da! It looks neat, but you didnít spend an extra 30 seconds getting the corners together perfectly. You can also take all the shelves out of the closet and replace them with wire DRAWER units. Each drawer holds a category of closet items: twin sheets, queen sheets, small towels, bath towels, beach towels, etc. Towels are also easy to roll up and store like sausages on a shelf or in a basket. This is also an attractive option for a guest bath with little or no storage.

The final step is to LABEL the edges of the shelf so that everyone knows where to find things and where to put things back.


Allison Carter, The Professional Organizer, specializes in family and home organizing in Metro-Atlanta. And her products -- "Organizing Manual For Families", "Scared Of Filing?", "Scared Of Your Clutter?", and "The Professional Organizer Mentoring And Licensing Program" are all available directly through www.OnlineOrganizing.com. Visit her web-site at www.theprofessionalorganizer.com.

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