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     Your Procrastination Clutter Demons: If Not Now, When?

Procrastination is generally described as "You Know What To Do, But Don't Do It." Procrastination is NON-ACTION! It's insidious in any part of your life, but particularly troublesome when it's related to cleaning out your CLUTTER.

At the start of the year, I had decided to clean out. I went from cabinets to drawers, room to room, collecting items I no longer needed, wanted, or used. I had very good INTENTIONS -- planning to throw a yard sale as soon as I finished. I got boxes from the store, packed up the stuff and "temporarily" stored them in the spare bedroom, which is not used as a bedroom. Then the rain came, and it rained some more, every weekend! Then guests came from New York. I had to clear out the stuff in the spare room to make room for them and an air mattress . So downstairs all the boxes of stuff went, getting stuffed into a corner of my rec. room. See I knew what to do but wasn't taking any serious action other than moving the stuff around. I had been PROCRASTINATING for almost six months now on those boxes!

On another note, if I had no clue on how to have a yard sale, or how to get rid of my stuff, I would NOT be procrastinating, I would be THINKING. If you don't know what to do, you are not procrastinating. You are thinking or wondering about the "What do I do?" or the "I don't know how's." If you do not have the skills, knowledge, or know what actions you need to take, you will remain "frozen" until you decide to find out or learn the skills, knowledge, or actions you should take.

I've been reading the book, Do One Thing Different, by Bill O'Hanlon, in which he tells about a Tibet ceremony, Room of 1,000 Demons. It's an interesting ceremony and the two hints of how to pass through and get out of the room are 1) What you see is an ILLUSION so don't buy into it, and 2) no matter what, keep your feet moving so you can eventually get to the other side, find the door, and come out. Many did not make it out of the Room of 1,000 Demons because once they entered the room they forgot the two hints given to them, getting stuck and buying into the illusion of their demons. Are you STUCK in a Room of 40 Procrastination Clutter Demons? Below are some sample excuses of Procrastination Clutter Demons I hear all the time, which I've categorized into four groups. Which are yours?:

I don't have the time. I'm too BUSY. There's no rush. I'm too distracted. I have too much to do already. I'm too tired to start. It'll get done one day, somehow. I have more important things to do. I'm waiting for the right and perfect time. I'm looking for a quick fix.

Everyone around you and throughout the world is busy and has the same 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year; however some of you don't seem to be going anywhere. You will continue to bounce around in the dark, never making it through to the other side unless you take action and learn planning, scheduling, PRIORITIZING, goal setting, and gain focus.

Why start? It'll just get cluttered again. It's not my problem. I didn't create this chaos or mess. I have children. This is how I was brought up. I'm always putting out fires. I don't want to do it. I shouldn't HAVE to do this. I never "had" when I was growing up. I was told to never give a gift away.

You have a CHOICE to stop blaming others or crying victim about your clutter and chaos. You have a choice to do something about your clutter or not.

I might need it one day. What if I am left with nothing? I'm looking for a GUARANTEE that something will work. I'm afraid I'll make a mistake. Nothing ever goes the way I've planned, so why start? If I finish this I'll have nothing left to do. I need to keep all this just in case I need it later. I am afraid if I move things I won't be able to find them. I am not sure that I could maintain the organizational system. I don't want someone helping me and seeing all my stuff.

I know sometimes you can't figure out what to keep or not, who to believe, listen to, or learn from. I know you have fear and trust issues of "just in case", "might need SOMEDAY" or of "being left with nothing" when it comes to your piled up, saved up, and unused stuff.

No one cares so why should I? It'll just get cluttered again. I'm not worth paying for professional help. I am not good at this sort of thing. I am OVERWHELMED now, I don't want to add anything else. I don't really need my space to be tidy or look nice, as long as the public areas are presentable. Why try? It'll just get cluttered again. I'm not organized enough to start. This is the way I am. It's too hard. I am not sure all that work would be worth it.

Self-esteem, judgments, other's beliefs, and your limited BELIEFS can cause or contribute to lack of self-worth. Do you feel guilty when you spend money on yourself? Whether it's a new outfit or getting professional help for any area of your life, do you get a pang of anxiety when you do something for yourself? Have you told yourself 'that's too much to spend' on yourself? Wouldn't it be wonderful not to feel this way about yourself, to honor yourself and believe that you are worthy?

Is doing nothing working for you or against you? When you start to de-clutter and let go you'll be able to see the other side of you: Calm, loving, stress free, and full of life and time. Your daily tasks and actions become streamlined and simplified. Your situation -- no your life -- will change and reveal a new you. Only you can assume complete RESPONSIBILITY of your life and actions. If you've been waiting or searching for a sign that will indicate the best direction to take, well, consider this your sign! Why not walk through your Room of 40 Procrastination Clutter Demons so you can come to life; let go of your EXCUSES, all the unused, unwanted, and unneeded "stuff" in your life to emerge as a new person?

Answer the following:
  • WHO might help you or interfere?
  • WHAT could go right or wrong?
  • WHAT will not doing this cost you or save you?
  • When will you start and finish?
  • WHY do you or don't you want to get organized?
Honestly answering the above questions will give you a sense of DIRECTION and help you decide if you should take any action; however, don't use any of the Procrastination Clutter Demons listed above as a way of, yet again, not getting organized. Answer the questions and look for the solutions to the solve the issues, whether it be time, trust, fear, or what have you.

Lynn Lively says it best in her book, The Procrastinator's Guide to Success, "When you overcome procrastination, life is interesting because you bring CLOSURE to all that unfinished business and you move on. If you procrastinate today, the same tasks, worries, and decisions will still be looming over you tomorrow. Instead, take action and move on; seek new summits and adventures." It's now or never. Remember, the choice you make today will resonate throughout the rest of your life.


Janet L. Hall, FSII, is the The Organizing and Feng Shui Wizard -- and her books, taped seminars, and other products are all available directly through www.OnlineOrganizing.com. Visit her website at www.overhall.com or contact her at .

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