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     Sipping Tea And Doing Business

Weíve found a simple, yet revolutionary concept that is giving women ease of mind as they deal with the real issues and stressors of business -- simply sipping tea and doing business. This wonderful approach to promoting HOLISTIC business will help you let go of some of the frustrations and challenges associated with being a female entrepreneur. In order to understand the concept, you must understand the mindset and ask the question: Why are we STRESSED as women in business? Sit back and take a look and if you can relate to any of these, stop what youíre doing, put on a pot of tea and relax -- itís okay!

Time MANAGEMENT is one of the most important factors in business growth and development -- particularly for small business owners that are wearing a lot of hats. Hereís what weíve discovered -- there are only 24 hours in a day, thatís all! No matter how you count the hours or the seconds, thatís all we have and we have to do the best we can with what we've got. The problem is we donít always have a REALISTIC picture of what we have. So hereís an exercise: Take a paper plate and divide it into quarters. The plate represents a 24-hour day. Each quarter represents a section of time. In one section write morning, in one section write afternoon, in one section write evening, and in the other write nighttime. To get started, scratch out your nighttime section. Why? Because we know to be at our best and to be most effective, a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sleep is necessary. That leaves us with a pretty fulfilling 18 hours, not a bad start, but weíre also stressed because we have...

What ROLES are you playing? Many of us are mothers, wives, parent teacher association presidents, executives and multi-level marketers, ministry committee members and organization chairs -- wow! You get the picture? Based on your responsibilities, take another look at your plate. Begin to DEDUCT the number of hours you spend in the various roles you play. Just to help you balance this out, if youíre a mother deduct a minimum of three hours and two hours if youíre a wife. This is minimum. Look at your childrenís activities and your responsibilities as a spouse and go from there. Now deduct the time it takes to handle each of your other roles on a daily basis. This is the amount of time you realistically have left to work on your business!

Is it any wonder we canít focus with all weíre doing?! Not to mention all of the wonderful talents and INTERESTS we have. Often weíre over extended because not only do we recognize our strengths and talents, but so do others. This in turn puts us in a position of trying to do too much and ultimately not being very focused.

When weíre out of the calling for our life, we donít have the MOTIVATION, enthusiasm, or direction we need to move forward and be progressive. Are you in an industry that you donít enjoy? Are you fueled by the desire for money only? Itís not enough! Find your passion and purpose; thatís what keeps you going during hard times, keeps you from quitting, and keeps you on TRACK.

Not having the right support systems in your life will keep you frustrated and feeling stressed. Think of the people in your life as passengers in your car. Keep the supportive and POSITIVE people in the front seat. The people who may not truly understand where youíre coming from, but provide something positive in your life and are not a drain, in the back seat. Every now and then, you may need to make some CHANGES in the seating arrangement. The people who are perpetually negative, drain you of your energy, and havenít a clue about what it means to be passionate about something, need to be put out on the curb. Sometimes itís difficult to take a real assessment of whoís in our life and how supportive they really are. We realize for some of you, you might be riding alone. Thatís okay -- find like-minded people, people who understand your vision, passion, and desire for building a business and allow them to be the influence in your life -- for now anyway.

Have you dealt with any people lately or are they all out on the curb? People -- meaning staff, colleagues, business partners and yes, even clients can be major STRESSORS in our life. What weíve discovered is people will be people and the best way to handle them is to change your reaction to them.

This generally stems from a lack of physical, emotional and spiritual BALANCE. Because we are multi as opposed to one-dimensional people, itís important that we find the balance in our life. We use whatís called our Personal Inventory Checklist, which is divided into three categories: personal, professional and business. This assessment gives you a real look at just how balanced your life is. Forward an email to sme and Iíll be happy to send you a copy.

Do you remember the old Calgon commercial? Calgon, calgon, take me away! Too many demands often sound like this -- while youíre at it, can you run to the store, pick up the laundry, put a mail list together, forward this email, and on and on. This is directly tied to having too many responsibilities and playing too many roles. When this is the case you will always have people ASKING things of you. The cure for this is to decrease the load and to learn how to say NO. Easier said than done, we know.

This is one of the biggest stressors of all. Lack of resources may mean not enough money, not having the right equipment, and not finding the right support systems. The only way to handle this is to STREAMLINE what youíre doing, take a realistic look at where youíre at in the other categories, and learn how to be as resourceful as possible.


Sheronde Glover is a marketing and business consultant and the co-author of "Sipping Tea and Doing Business". She also offers presentations and business forums for women in business and aspiring entrepreneurs. You may visit her website at www.sippingteaonline.com. You may contact her at 770-210-0726 or .

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