Terms Of Agreement - Joining Referral Network


www.OnlineOrganizing.com is a service mark of Bradford, LLC (hereinafter known as "Bradford").


This agreement governs all interactions related to the distribution of referrals for individual Professional Organizers and speakers through this website.


Submission of this form (plus a $25 one-time application fee) constitutes an application for inclusion in our organizer/speaker referral program. The staff at Bradford may approve or disapprove of your application at our sole discretion. Bradford reserves the right to refuse participation in our referral program to any professional for any reason. You will be notified in writing and refunded your full application fee if your application is rejected. If your application is rejected, you are welcome to address the reasons for rejection and reapply at any time.


You must submit your basic application and registration fee before you will be included in the referral network. Additionally, you must submit a headshot and three client references (with testimonials and contact information for each) after submitting your initial application -- however, failure to send in supporting documents will NOT prevent you from receiving referrals through the network.

National speakers must also submit a description of their topics, and three speaking testimonials before their talks will be included in our speakers bureau. If you cannot submit your photo electronically you must send in a hard copy. Your photos cannot be returned, so please do not send your only original. Mail your supporting documents to www.OnlineOrganizing.com / P.O. Box 655 / Jackson, GA. 30233.


The provision of referrals for professional organizing and speaking services is offered by Bradford as a service to the client. Bradford assumes no responsibility for the actions of or services provided by any professional referred through this service. Bradford disclaims all warranties, express or implied, relating to the products or services sold by other companies and purchased through this website including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose or arising by statute, law, or trade dealing or usage.


The organizer/speaker agrees to present his or her fees, policies, and qualifications to the client in an honest and forthright manner. The professional is also responsible for communicating his or her qualifications and business specializations honestly in this application.


Bradford will be responsible for matching up organizing/speaking clients with the appropriate professional, based on the profile information submitted by both parties. Bradford assumes no responsibility for the quality of the match between professional and client, and does not guarantee that each referral will result in a paid working relationship.

When a request for a referral is received, the client will be sent a list of up to 4 professionals who provide the appropriate services. Those professionals will also receive written notification of the referral, including the client's name and contact information and referral fee instructions. These professionals will be responsible for following up with the client to schedule an initial appointment.


If the referred professional is unable to service the client for any reason, he/she is responsible for contacting Bradford to decline the referral. Bradford will then pass the lead on to another organizer in the referral network.

No participating organizer/speaker is authorized to give a web-generated referral to an organizer/speaker outside of the network without express permission from Bradford. Doing so may result in penalties for lost referral fees or removal from the network.


The client accepts all responsibility for interviewing the prospective organizer/speaker, investigating his or her background, and obtaining a full understanding of the professional's fees, policies, and qualifications.


If a referral fails to produce a paid organizing/speaking job with a client, the professional does not owe a referral fee to Bradford.

After the first paid session (which includes but is not limited to one-on-one consulting, speaking engagements, group training, and coaching) the professional is responsible for notifying Bradford of the starting date of the working relationship. Referral fees are applicable for every referral received from Bradford, provided the professional is not currently engaged in a relationship with that client BEFORE receiving the referral from Bradford -- defined as having worked with that client or been contacted by that client from an alternate referral source within the last month. Referral fees apply to:


If a referral fails to produce a paid organizing/speaking job with a client, the organizer/speaker does not owe a referral fee to Bradford. After the first paid session (which includes but is not limited to one-on-one consulting, speaking engagements, group training, and coaching) the Professional Organizer speaker is responsible for notifying Bradford of the starting date of the working relationship. At the beginning of each month for the next 6 months thereafter, the organizer/speaker is responsible for reporting any paid work with that client in the format of a time log -- including the date, the length of the session, the hourly rate, and the total fee for work completed. The organizer/speaker will also be asked to calculate a referral fee of 15% of the total fee charged for each session. Both the time log and a check for the appropriate referral fee are to be submitted to Bradford by the 10th of the month. After 6 months of active work with a client, the organizer/speaker is no longer responsible for referral fees on that client.


Bradford will accept and process credit card payment for any organizing gift certificates purchased over our website. The client will be charged for the cost of the gift certificate and sales tax (for sales originating in the state of Georgia). Once payment for an order is processed, the gift certificate will be mailed out and the participating organizer will receive notice of the purchase via e-mail or fax. All gift certificates expire one year after the date of issuance, and no refunds will be accepted for gift certificates. At the end of the month, the participating organizer will receive a check covering the retail cost of the gift certificate (minus any previously agreed-upon discounts), less a 25% fee (to cover credit card processing and administrative expenses).


You agree to indemnify and hold Bradford harmless from all claims, demands, and causes of action of any nature arising out of or based upon the products or services purchased through this website.


Any disputes, including but not limited to service, billing, professional conduct, legal concerns, or other performance-related issues, must be handled between the client and the organizer/speaker. Bradford assumes no responsibility for the actions of the organizer/speaker beyond the initial introduction.


If the client feels an organizer/speaker has provided poor service, he/she may submit a complaint to Bradford, to be considered when reviewing the inclusion of that organizer in our referral list. Any other sanctions against the organizer/speaker are the responsibility of the client. If a participating professional fails in any way to uphold these terms of agreement, he/she may be removed from our referral program. Referral privileges may be revoked at any time at our sole discretion. You will be notified in writing if your name is removed from our referral list for any reason. The organizer/speaker will be held responsible for all accrued fees for referrals distributed as of the termination date. The organizer/speaker will be responsible for the full 6 months of fees on all referrals, including any work begun within 1 year after the termination date.

Bradford reserves the right to take other appropriate legal actions when deemed necessary. This agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into in the state of Georgia, and Georgia law shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of this agreement. The organizer/speaker submits himself/herself to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Georgia for all actions arising out of this agreement.


By submitting this application, the participating professional/company acknowledges, understands, and accepts these terms of agreement.