CHAPTER 1: I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE -- looks at the challenges faced by senior citizens when it becomes time to move...including:

CHAPTER 2: MAKE THE CHOICE WHILE YOU STILL CAN -- offers some proactive tips for choosing making the shift while you are still healthy and can be in control of the move...including:

CHAPTER 3: PERSUADING LOVED ONES TO MOVE -- provides some advice for children and other family members of seniors who need to move but are cautious about how to discuss the idea of downsizing...including:

CHAPTER 4: HOUSING OPTIONS FOR SENIORS -- examines the possible choices for downsized or assisted living for the elderly...including:

CHAPTER 5: HELPING SENIORS SORT AND SHED -- offers some tips for helping seniors prepare to work through the cleaning out process...including:

CHAPTER 6: HIRING A PROFESSIONAL -- takes a look at the idea of working with a professional organizer or senior move manager and the many issues to consider...including:

CHAPTER 7: DECREASED POSSESSIONS, INCREASED EMOTIONS -- examines the emotional upheaval experienced by all parties involved as seniors begin the process of culling their possessions...including:

CHAPTER 8: WHAT I WISH I COULD TAKE -- takes a look at the decision making process, choosing what to take and what has to be left behind...including:

CHAPTER 9: SORTING IT OUT -- offers some tips for helping seniors organize their belongings for the move as they make those hard choices about what to keep...including:

CHAPTER 10: KEEP, PASS, OR TOSS -- provides a simple system for sorting your belongings according to the path they will take as you downsize...including:

CHAPTER 11: GIVING TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS -- examines the idea of passing family treasures and memories on to other loved ones who will appreciate them...including:

CHAPTER 12: ITEMS FOR SALE -- outlines some possible places you might decide to put some of your discards up for sale...including:

CHAPTER 13: A PLAN FOR MOVING OUT -- outlines the steps that will be involved in getting packed up and moved from the old house...including:

CHAPTER 14: A PLAN FOR MOVING IN -- offers some tips for getting your new home unpacked and set up...including:

CHAPTER 15: SAYING GOODBYE AND SETTLING IN -- examines the process of getting acquainted with your home...including:

CHAPTER 16: AFTER THE MOVE -- talks about some of the issues related to settling into a new community, routine, and lifestyle...including:

CHAPTER 17: SENIORS OF THE FUTURE -- takes a look at the way the elderly may be living in the years to come and what that means in terms of life changes and downsizing for those looking forward to retirement down the road...including:

APPENDICES -- offers a number of valuable resources for seniors and their families...including:

FORMS -- provides a number of forms and logs for tracking vital information during your move...including: